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Step Away From The Children

May 3, 2012 Mr. Vilson

Nope. I’m not going to let you get away with it. You think you’re slick with your off-kilter jargon and smooth delivery, but I see right through you. Before I continue, I need you to step away from the children. You’re passionate about your subject area, but not about the kids you’re teaching. You say […]

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The Dreamer, The Believer [The Race Man Cometh]

April 3, 2012 Jose

This is what I get for reading comments on CNN blogs. Or anywhere else but my blog anyways. The trolls spew racism all over a post that’s simply meant to help progress the conversation about race, not get us stuck in the same epitaphs of indifference and conservatism. For once, I’d like to see people […]

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Don’t Talk To Me About The Good Old Days

January 26, 2012 Jose

As recently as last month, I saw someone tweet that cops always made their whole city feel safe, and #OccupyWallStreet inspired a distrust of the executive branch unlike any other. It’s probably not the first time a Black person had to say, “I told you so.” It’s also not the first time a Black person […]

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I Wouldn’t Take That Shit

October 31, 2011 Jose

Back in my 8th grade social studies class, our teacher Mr. McIntyre used to always say, “Well, it’s much better to be pissed off than pissed on.” I laughed. No way in hell did I want to be pissed on, and the image made me gag harder than I did over watching hours upon hours […]

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U Black, Maybe [AfroLatino, Part Two]

September 19, 2011 Jose

When we talk about black maybe We talk about situations Of people of color and because you are that color You endure obstacles and opposition And not all the time from … from other nationalities Sometimes it comes from your own kind Or maybe even your own mind You get judged … you get laughed […]

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Domino, Domino, Only Spot A Few Blacks The Higher I Go

August 29, 2011 Jose

My good friend Brent reminded me that Diane Ravitch tweeted the notorious article by Michael Petrilli comparing Klout scores of some of the biggest names in the online education world. It has the effect where people can take a macro-view of the education world and have some discussion of what it means to have influence […]

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