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U Black, Maybe [AfroLatino, Part Two]

September 19, 2011 Jose

When we talk about black maybe We talk about situations Of people of color and because you are that color You endure obstacles and opposition And not all the time from … from other nationalities Sometimes it comes from your own kind Or maybe even your own mind You get judged … you get laughed […]

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Domino, Domino, Only Spot A Few Blacks The Higher I Go

August 29, 2011 Jose

My good friend Brent reminded me that Diane Ravitch tweeted the notorious article by Michael Petrilli comparing Klout scores of some of the biggest names in the online education world. It has the effect where people can take a macro-view of the education world and have some discussion of what it means to have influence […]

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Yes, Yes, But I’m Also Black [On Blogging In The Ed-World]

August 7, 2011 Jose
Jack Johnson, Unforgivably Black

Last week, I brought up my opinion that children of color shouldn’t be limited to certain occupations due to the perceived notions of observers. I especially pointed this out to [some] White so-called liberals, because it seems that too many of them believe that their pseudo-liberalism absolves from the critique of their racial bias. Even […]

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Our Middle Fingers Are The Same Color, Too

July 5, 2011 Jose

Yesterday, I reflected on the state of our country in a July 4th special on this blog. About 18 hours later, I got the best example of the state of our country’s views about each other with a couple of waves of the finger. We watched the fireworks explode from Weehawken, NJ, sitting together watching […]

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Another Reason Why Some Educators Won’t Talk About Race

March 17, 2011 Jose
Luis Ramirez and Three of His Murderers

No, you’re going to get into race at length. Or any other real world issue for that matter. Because you’ve made your blog just as someone in the edublogosphere prescribed: edu-tech here, ed policy there, a response to the latest trend sprinkled in. You’re doing well for yourself and your readers skyrocket. The only controversy […]

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The Education Race Man On Black History Month 2011 (Exhibit V)

February 22, 2011 Jose

Normally, I don’t start posts like this, but imagine my annoyance at another misinformed message regarding Black History Month, this time from an unlikely source. Not sure who first posted it, but in the video, Morgan Freeman asserts two points: Black history is American history, so we shouldn’t relegate the history to a month. To […]

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