Nas, Lil’ Wayne, and Adolf Hitler: A Rap and Education Memo

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The latest news that may signal a sea change for hip-hop is that Nas, one of the most prolific and legendary artists in rap, may have asked for help with a few concepts in his album N*gger, or, as a few people have described it, had ghostwriters. The term “ghostwriting” has been reserved for guys like Dr. Dre and Diddy (Puff Daddy), those who would prefer to just let an …

Because Mos Def Can Say It Better Than I Can Right Now

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Because Mos Def can say it better than I can (all emphases mine) … The fresh, the author and associates are proud to present M-Def the Black, fantastic raw Dynamic, true Ecstatic, ghetto outstanding Classic active every place, I have The skill, power, passion, raise your red lantern Stanzas and anthems based on expansion A vantage point of the past, present and after Rapture, master of ceremony, a master craft …