Jose Vilson, US Department of Education

My New Year’s Resolve

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I’m supposed to tell you that I want to lose weight. I’m rounder than ever, so that’s a lofty goal. But that’s no fun, and I’d rather not spend your …

Our Justice Is Complicated

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For some reason, my Pocket app has been full of idiosyncratic profile pieces. This Fader one of Drake. This POLITICO one of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. This New York …


The Eleventh Honeymoon

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11 years ago, I promised myself I would inspire, kick butt, and teach kids to the best of their abilities. Ten years ago, I eschewed all that and said I …

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With Only Two Days Left

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… I decided to relaunch my YouTube account. I know, I’m beasting. I figure that I haven’t done much talking on video, so here’s a little something until class begins: …