Drugs Can’t Get You High As This [Educate, Educate]

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It’s been two weeks of not-real-teaching. The first week of April was mostly dedicated to the agita of the ELA (English-Language Arts) test, from the content of the exams to the new procedures. Stripping the set times from the ELA test proved worrisome for the adults more so than the …

Harlem in B&W (by Jose Vilson)

Real Solidarity In The Time of Education Reform

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We don’t have to choose between the testing / Common Core State Standards / Teach For America / charter school debate and intersectional / race talk. In fact, they’re part and parcel. I want to talk about all of it from the position that we need to look at education …

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison Speaks To Me About Racism [The Work]

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For Lent, I’ve given up. Actually, that’s not true at all. If anything, I’ve re-dedicated myself to loving in spots that I shouldn’t, and letting go in spaces where I wouldn’t. The issue with many racists is that they’re heavily-armored in pushing some of us to the edge. In turn, …

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Why We Must Believe (Our Formation)

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“Come on, let’s get this done, I believe in you.” “Why do you always say that, Mr. Vilson, like …” “Um, because I believe in you.” “Oh my God, this is, like, the only class I hear a teacher say that …” It was a weird moment for me. I …

One of my first website looks.

Design of a Decade: Moments From 10 Years Of Writing

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People forget that, ten years ago, the idea of blogging aloud made no sense to the average reader. The mainstream media had the stranglehold on public opinion, and trying to get an op-ed into any space requires a lot of know-how and a little know-who. Teachers were always talked about, …

Jose Vilson, US Department of Education

My New Year’s Resolve

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I’m supposed to tell you that I want to lose weight. I’m rounder than ever, so that’s a lofty goal. But that’s no fun, and I’d rather not spend your time talking about dietary supplements and instead tell you about my visit to the US Department of Education, my second …


The Students Always Do That

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Real talk: I haven’t been feeling myself lately. We’ve had a plethora of school program changes. In sum, I ended up with me having five periods of five classes. I don’t blame anyone in my building. I do find it inappropriate to make such hefty changes in freaking December, more so …

Heart Blood

Lead With Love [Spring Valley High Is Your School Too]

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Today, I finally saw some of my cockamamie student groupings come to a screeching halt when some of my best students started clashing with each other over how to approach their scientific notation project. My 280 lbs frame usually settles disagreements if I’m in proximity, but this was not one …


This Is What Has To Be Done [#WhyIWrite]

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I had the honor and pleasure of having my superintendent visit my classroom today. The first time didn’t go so well. The students were wrapping up group project business, but, to the naked eye, it might have looked like the kids were winding down the school year leisurely. Since then, …