Vilson Unplugged (Featuring Deepak Chopra)

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  Confession: I haven’t had earphones on for the last month and a half. Perhaps some of that has to do with my iPod’s phone jack loosening up, causing me to twist the plug too much to get maybe 20 minutes of uninterrupted listening. I generally use my iPod for 90 minutes, 45 minutes to and from work, to charge …

Jose VilsonVilson Unplugged (Featuring Deepak Chopra)

A Day On, Never A Day Off

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Some news: my manuscript is officially turned in. Outside of a few edits here and there, I’m confident that this draft is the draft and every draft from here on after will be the grammatical equivalent of shooing away really tiny fleas. After the editing process proved to wring my deepest thoughts out like a sponge, I was asked by …

Jose VilsonA Day On, Never A Day Off
George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

I Will Be The Muhammad Ali Of Education Writing (My Top Ten Posts of 2013)

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Dear reader, The reason I haven’t spoken about Kanye West all year is because, in some ways, I’ve occupied a similar space that he does in education discussion. I don’t mean marrying Kim Kardashian, either. Here’s the list of my top ten posts according to how many views I got: Chris Christie and Why Teaching Intersects With Women’s Rights I’m Diane …

Jose VilsonI Will Be The Muhammad Ali Of Education Writing (My Top Ten Posts of 2013)

Emphasizing The Merry This Christmas

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The mantra for fathers like me is, “As long as they’re happy, we’re happy.” Christmas time always has one dark cloud hanging over it with memories of my aunt who passed away almost twenty years ago, and now this year with my father passing away a couple of weeks ago. As a father, the stakes have changed. The inner turmoil …

Jose VilsonEmphasizing The Merry This Christmas
Lion Roar

Monster (Teaching In The Era of Evaluations)

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The way I taught this year, you’d think I had a chip on my shoulder. I do, and now I own it. The last two months, I revamped my whole teaching style, not because Charlotte Danielson or any other education expert told me to do it, but because I’m in my ninth year, and damnit, if I can’t do get …

Jose VilsonMonster (Teaching In The Era of Evaluations)

The World Is Yours (We Don’t Kiss Rings Over Here)

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Truth: I believe you’re better than the ring-kissing I’m seeing right now. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to speak virtually to about the importance of leading while teaching as part of a series I’m doing with the Center for Teaching Quality. In my argyle sweater and windbreaker pants (video conferencing) magic, I fielded questions about everything from …

Jose VilsonThe World Is Yours (We Don’t Kiss Rings Over Here)
The Lonely Island featuring T-Pain, "I'm On A Boat"

Outside Of A Comfort Zone (On The Aspen Ideas Festival)

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A young lady, no older than 25, peered out of her glasses at a mostly white crowd. Her rose-patterned blouse, peach-pale skin, and slender figure gave us no indication of what she might do or say. Then, she blurts out the following: “Aww shit!” Um, what? “Get your towels ready, it’s about to go down! Everybody in the place hit …

Jose VilsonOutside Of A Comfort Zone (On The Aspen Ideas Festival)
George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali

Rope-A-Dope Like Muhammad Ali [Collaborateurs]

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One of my year-end reflection is now live at The Collaborateurs: This year, I needed this when I went for a whirlwind of a trip this year, shifting roles and attitudes in ways that had me floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Perhaps even a little rope-a-dope as I sustained a few blows. As successful as I’ve …

Jose VilsonRope-A-Dope Like Muhammad Ali [Collaborateurs]
Isaiah Mustafa in Old Spice Commercial

A Thought On Graduations As A Whole

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A list of the common complaints about graduations from K-12: Not everyone deserves to graduate. A more detailed subset of that list: At this rate, should we have to make special accommodations for our kids when we’re trying to raise the rigor of all curricula? Better yet, can everyone just get an intervention plan so we can stop lying to …

Jose VilsonA Thought On Graduations As A Whole
Serious cat.

Why So Serious? [On Demeanors In The Classroom]

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“Why are you so serious all the time, Mr. Vilson?” The students just finished giving me my student evaluations, something I thought I’d try this year, but probably waited too long in the year to do. “Well, it depends …” And before I could finish, my co-teacher put me on blast by saying that it depends on the situation. The …

Jose VilsonWhy So Serious? [On Demeanors In The Classroom]