Our Justice Is Complicated

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For some reason, my Pocket app has been full of idiosyncratic profile pieces. This Fader one of Drake. This POLITICO one of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. This New York Times obit dedicated to teacher-turned-community activist Terry Rosenbaum. This Esquire bit on the old new Mark Zuckerberg. So when La …

June 20, 2015 -- ATLANTA --  Drake makes a surprise appearance Future at Birthday Bash 20.   (Akili-Casundria Ramsess/Special to the AJC)

What A Time To Be Alive [The Secret Sauce]

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For those of you who missed it, I had two separate, equally potent interviews with both the Wall Street Journal and Slate. I didn’t expect them to come out in the same week, but here’s a couple of excerpts. First, I was asked to debate / converse with National Center …


The Eleventh Honeymoon

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11 years ago, I promised myself I would inspire, kick butt, and teach kids to the best of their abilities. Ten years ago, I eschewed all that and said I would be much stricter with them because they needed it. Nine years ago, I wanted to take pieces of my …

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With Only Two Days Left

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… I decided to relaunch my YouTube account. I know, I’m beasting. I figure that I haven’t done much talking on video, so here’s a little something until class begins: Filmed live from my house because I’m gangsta. In any case, if you’re a YouTuber, subscribe to that one too. …

Los Angeles, from Dodger Stadium

Take Me To The Place I Love, Take Me All The Way

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“I don’t ever want to feel Like I did that day Take me to the place I love Take me all the way …” – Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under The Bridge She’s driving just above the speed limit. “And there’s my former school. When I worked there, I used …


The Path [A Reflection On My Tenth Year of Teaching]

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My taxi was driving down Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, a warm breeze with my windows down, a contrast from what felt like fall weather that fell upon New York before I left. Outside of Google Maps, I couldn’t verify whether the car was going in the right direction because …

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Despite All My Rage

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I normally talk to young adults about math and other academics, but recently, because we’re winding up the school year, subjects have expanded to Fetty Wap and flicking wrists. The currency for “young and cool” changes over time, almost as quickly as we age. Yet, on this day, the subject …

Red apple on teacher's desk

Teacher Appreciation

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The last time I saw her, she was a proud teacher to students with special needs. We discussed the future of activism in education and the great work coming out of efforts we have worked on together. She has built her voice through song, social justice, and, just as important, …

this is not a test book party

Stare Them In The Eyes

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When John Norton, editor and writing guru, was having long conversations with me on Skype about the direction of my book, he often told me that the book would elevate my voice in ways I couldn’t imagine. The morning after my book dropped on May 6th, 2014, I was on …


Were You At The Protest, Too?

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“Were you at the protest, too?” I’ve had no less than four people ask my directly why I haven’t written about my classroom experiences lately. Some of it stems from speaking truth to the gaping hole I continue to see in education writing, namely the intersectional race lens of events …


Up Next

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I’ve changed my mind. We need to lift folks doing the work. A few years ago, my former principal, a colleague and I attended a special conference at New York University at the behest of one of NYC Department of Education’s deputy directors, who was slated to be on this crucial …