On Writing As Revenge

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What happens when your writing becomes revenge? Not the Twilight-Mean-Girls type of revenge, but the revenge that James Brown yells in “The Big Payback“? I get that hate is too big a burden to bear a-la MLK Jr, but this isn’t hate. This harkens back to a remembrance, a devaluing, a necessity to reprove one’s ostensible skill even before it …

Jose VilsonOn Writing As Revenge

A Dish Best Served Well

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Man, it’s been a crazy weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t go into specifics, but it’s all accumulating with my father’s worsening health. (If you know how to decrypt, then this is the post for you.) It’s been astonishing to see the feedback I’ve gotten about him, especially with the mixed relationships his children have with him. Some of his children love …

Jose VilsonA Dish Best Served Well