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An excerpt from my first post at the popular Schoolbook, a WNYC project:

As educators, we are charged with helping our children feel that, as wild as the world may seem, we will pull through. Parents, children, and other invested adults seek asylum in our schools because of our routines, the familiarity, and the dulcet vibrations of the students’ yells, whispers and laughter. The teachers start their classes with their usual routines. The deans remind students of the rules in the hallway as they walk to class. The principals address as many classes as possible about academics and general minutiae.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the seemingly mundane brings calm in any weather.

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Mr. Vilson, who wants to write a mini-manifesto mañana. Who’s with me?


Short Notes: Romney Flips The Big Bird

by Jose Vilson on October 7, 2012

in Short Notes

Mitt Romney Flips The Big Bird

A few notes:

  • Here are a few reasons why we should save PBS. Like you need any more. [Explore]
  • Do we still expect our favorite writers to be nice people? Or as complex as their writing? Case in point: David Foster Wallace. [New York Times]
  • Harlem schools are seeing a high turnover rate. Beth Fertig explores. [Schoolbook]
  • Christina Lewis Halpern notices the shift between Jay-Z the entertainer and Jay-Z the Brooklyn realtor. [Dominion of New York]
  • I agree that we don’t have to be so caustic when it comes to speaking to each other, but let’s be real: if all sides aren’t equal, then the terms of engagement get a little skewed. In education or otherwise. [Living in Dialogue]
  • At first, you’re thinking: “They’re not talking about Karen Lewis like that!” By the end, you’re like, “This was fair.” [Chicago Magazine]


“U can unfollow if u want but #YallGoneGetThisWork”

- Lupe Fiasco, in response to Roland Martin and DL Hughley’s contention that Lupe will inevitably coerce people into not voting


A few notes:

  • Michael Doyle: “If you want to teach children, you have to know them. If this is a problem, get the f**k out of the classroom.” [Science teacher]
  • Elianne Ramos (of LATISM fame) is nominated for Yahoo!’s “Women Who Shine.” Go vote. [Yahoo!]
  • Big Daddy Kane joins Jay-Z at the Barclays Center. As I said, “Amazeballs.” [Rap Radar]
  • Kids in a NYC public school were stuck watching Shrek instead of, say, learning in a classroom. Ben Chapman investigates. [NY Daily News]
  • Josmar Trujillo (full disclosure: classmate at Xavier High School in NYC) believes every parent is fighting for the same thing. Good read. Check the comments, too. [SchoolBook]
  • Obama makes finding money for charters easy. Not so much for public schools. [US Department of Education]


“Convincing people to vote takes more than saying “people died for you to vote.” The masses are smart enough to see the cracks in the hull.”

- Talib Kweli