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Short Notes: Square Dance

April 20, 2008 Short Notes

My notes for Sunday: 1. Isiah Thomas is FIRED! Out, out, out! I haven’t wanted a former All-Star point guard out of the Knicks since … Stephon Marbury. No really, there’s too much clutter in that team. With Patrick Ewing and Pat Riley’s inductions to the Hall of Fame, I’m about 99% sure that I […]

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Can’t Tell Me Nothing

April 17, 2008 Jose
Miguel Tejada as a Baltimore Oriole

Excuse the double negative, my people, but a brotha’s got a little less patience for fools than usual. Imagine me watching ESPN today, when I see a segment about 4-time All-Star (possibly more if not for the Jeter-A-Rod-Garciaparra collective from a few years back) and future Hall of Famer Miguel Tejada, now a member of […]

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Ewing and I

January 31, 2008

An idol.The biggest of superstars. A warrior and a man all the same. That sweet fade-away. The sweat-drenched NY Knicks jersey, emblazoned with the number 33 in the back. The custom sneakers. The Georgetown alum with 2 gold medals, part of the historic Dream Team, 11-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year from 1985-86, sure Hall […]

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Emotional Gladiators or Overpaid Crybabies?

May 1, 2007

“There’s no crying in baseball!” The seminal catchphrase we as sports fans of any level in reference to pro athletes we see everyday on TV. We expect these figures to play with heart and emotion, yet when we see them on screen, we also want them to deflect any signs of weakness. We also get […]

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Shooting Airballs at an Imaginary Basket

February 25, 2007

As my first decree of totally partiality, I am a Yankees, Knicks, and Giants fan, and when I’m in the mood, the Rangers, too. Yes, it’s a bias that I assumed environmentally; I live in / love Manhattan, and even if the rest of the city treats the Lower East Side like an annex of […]

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40 Acres and a Basketball

February 18, 2007 Jose

This weekend is probably one of my favorite weekends of the year, as it commemorates … the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. Every year, before I even think of the holiday dedicated to former slaveholders and rapists, I imagine who’ll win the various contests for the All-Star Weekend. I’m particularly interested in the the 3-Point contest, the […]

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