Beautiful Bytes of Data

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[Today’s special guest is Anthony Mullen, 2009 Teacher of the Year and awesome writer. Feel free to tell us what you think about his post in the comments below.] The young man wearing blue jeans and a red and white polo shirt is anxious. He frequently looks at his watch, …

Stand Up On The Train

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She’s got auburn hair, a blue cottony zip-up sweater, and navy blue uniform pants. She gets on the train searching left and right, for a face perhaps. She’s slightly jolted when the blonde woman in the velvet-black suit jacket and sharp black heels. She’s standing there, exasperated, but looking straight …

Empty Chair

A Suspension of Time and School

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You weren’t supposed to come back. Even though you were on our school’s roster, rumor had it that your guardian put you in a different school, and you’d no longer half-bounce into my class, calling one of your friends a “nigga-what-the-fuck” for something they allegedly did to you. Before you …