Freestyle Week: Just Getting To The Test Is A Challenge [Common CorrrUGH]

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This week, I’m writing blog posts based on people’s submissions to my Facebook page right here. My second one is based on online friend Theresa DeVore’s suggested title, “How can we keep our compassion in this era of high stakes accountability? When told to make sure test scores are raised but in the classroom students are not motivated. I have had to personally remind myself that I teach children and …

On Talking Teachers Down Off That Ledge [A True PLC]

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“I‘ve had it up to here with them. They just … oooohhhh …” She sobbed. I sat there in my classroom hoping to decompress from another long day with my sixth grade homeroom class when she walked in, needing a colleagues’ ear. “You think you’re coming in to teach. You plan, grade papers, and plan some more, and you think it’s going to go so well, and … I just …

Mos Def, "The Ecstatic"


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“You can’t catch me! HA!” At first, I assumed it was just another one of those random dudes pranking another guy, running away from him and eventually laughing, getting caught intentionally, and going back to normal. This wasn’t it. As the young man, no more than 20, ran away shirtless, another man in a hoodie and a bookbag held in front of him, presumably the shirtless guy’s. As another man …

Listen Like a Child

April Foolishness

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This past weekend, I went to Washington DC, home to clean public transportation, Greco-Roman-inspired monuments, and some guy named Barack. I love the place like The Count of Monte Cristo loved Haydee, should anything happen to my dear Mercedes (a.k.a. NYC). I did a fair amount of education-related stuff there, first visiting the Jefferson Memorial, and then the FDR Memorial. Enthralled by it all, it got me to thinking a …

NY Rat by Banksy

Of Mice and Boys

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Tonight, Tara Betts had her first official Arc and Hue party at the Bowery Poetry Cafe. This free event showcased a few prominent and up-and-coming women poets, all of whom had their different styles and embraced their womanhood in their own ways. The queen of the hour also graced us with a little less than a dozen poems from her awesome book (and one I recommend every and anyone to …