Privilege and My First and Only Meeting with Bobby Seale

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Not a year goes by without me hearing “These kids have no idea what a privilege it is to …” Usually because I’ve been the one saying it until the last year or so. The problem with having a privilege when you’re so unaccustomed to it is that you outwardly act like it doesn’t matter because you’re inwardly incapable of …

Jose VilsonPrivilege and My First and Only Meeting with Bobby Seale

Where My Bread Is Buttered

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This weekend, I spent time in Syracuse University, my alma mater and the site of Coming Back Together X, a special reunion where the African-American and Latino alumni of Syracuse U can meet with students and faculty on campus every three years in the spirit of camaraderie, growth, and opportunity. This tradition has happened for the last three decades and change, …

Jose VilsonWhere My Bread Is Buttered