Don’t Ask Me If You’re Going To Summer School [TransformED]

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My new post at The Collaborateurs explains a situation that happens too frequently to us during this time of year: Their absences weren’t insignificant, the lack of work is made more obvious by everyone else’s full portfolios, the same trends happen across their subjects, and just getting them into class almost doesn’t feel worth it. That hurts. We have an ideal for trying to get every child to graduate and …

Kindergarten Cop

No, I Don’t Miss You Now

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With only two weeks left, many of my 8th graders have been asking me whether I’m going to miss them. Missing them implies that they’ve actually left my presence for more than a week. Missing them implies that my job has gone from simple math teacher / coach / data specialist / mentor to teacher / coach / data specialist / mentor / complaint soundboard / end-of-school-year sewer, etc. Missing …