Aleppo, Syria - 08/12

Somewhere In Syria, A Child Dreams Too

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Somewhere in Syria, a child dreams too. On the eastern banks of the Mediterranean Sea, a child looks over the body of water and wonders the plausibility of reading while drones fly overhead in an undeclared war on a few. While airborne missiles whistle over the greyish sky, the child dreams of one day positioning him or herself in the position to make choices towards peace. The contradictions abound. The …

An Open Letter To The Present and Future President Obama [2012 and Beyond]

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Dear President Obama, You’ve won. Congratulations. Honestly. As an independent, I had no initial horse in this race, but as a Afro-Latino, I’m proud that you’ve once again managed to claim the White House as yours, in a country where the bones, blood, and sweat of African slaves and Native Americans sit under the House you now occupy. Your re-election came at a high cost, specifically your dreams of a …