FUBU for Teaching Standards [Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: I know there are a billion frameworks, most notably from Charlotte Danielson and Robert Marzano. I also don’t have faith in people who sell their products to districts who muck up any effort to improve the teaching profession with real research. Akin to what we do with students, Campbell’s Law comes into effect when we continually hammer in the idea that teachers should follow (narrow) checklists and rubrics to …


A Cautionary Note To Burgeoning Teacher Leaders [The Eagle vs The Hummingbird]

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Dear burgeoning teacher leader, Congratulations. You’ve been chosen / selected / promoted to a position of leadership in your school. Whether you’re an instructional coach, an assistant principal, or a lead teacher, your achievements up to this point merit applause. I hope that the benefits and challenges of the position you’re about to undertake in your current post have been outlined for you. If not, rest assured that it’s going …


On KRS-One and Why You Should Teach Righteously

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On Monday, Law and Order premiered its episode about a mad teacher blogger who was ready to blow up a random NYC school for all the wrongs done to him and others like him, an episode aptly named “The Rubber Room.” Many of the stories I heard in the episode mirrored the real situations those teachers went through (and still go through) in the NYC school system. I’ll never be …


Voices Of Concerned Educators: Bridging The Gap [Jovan Miles]

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Public education is a bureaucrat’s wet dream.  Our school and district level leaders rarely, if ever, create policy or drive education reform. They simply carry out the will and mandates of government officials, politicians, and the loud minority who, in most cases, have never set foot in a classroom as anything other than students. Pushing paper and attending meetings has supplanted teaching as the focus of our educational system. Too …