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On Ron Thorpe and The Bridge Between Teaching and Leading

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A few years ago, John Holland and I started this blog called The Future of Teaching [now defunct], dedicated to the themes of the book Teaching2030: What We Must Do … When we first started in 2009, we wanted a clearer vision for what teacher leadership looks like in our local and national context, not ruffling feathers (!) per se, but tackling the more complex subjects from the book. Something …


There Is No “How To” For Teacher Leadership

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the New Teacher Center conference in San Francisco, CA to discuss teacher leadership. It felt like forever since I used the words “teacher leader” to describe myself, but people have no idea what to do with me since I am in the classroom with a full program and am mentoring and speaking out about different ideas in teaching. Thus, teacher leader. Most …

Arne Duncan

Teaching and Leading While Black (On My Visit To The White House)

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Nancy Flanagan’s recent post on teacher leadership finally gave me the push to dive into my experience in Washington, D.C., where Dr. Jill Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan hosted us. The function was part of the White House’s new initiative, White House Social, a series of events for people who engage with the White House on social media. Of course, my social media presence helped a bit in …

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Know Your Stuff (And Other Thoughts On Teacher Leadership) [Edutopia]

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I wrote an epic post on Edutopia about transforming teacher leadership, especially for those just starting out. Here’s something you ought to know: 1. Know Your Stuff My advice to any teacher leader, new or old: know what you’re talking about. Teachers respect leaders who have expertise and demonstrate confidence in that expertise. Having classroom experience goes a long way, but if our message doesn’t sound classroom-based or substantive, it …

Emphasize The TEACHER In Teacher Leadership

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I wrote a little something here as a thought on teacher leadership. Check it at the Collaborateurs: That’s why I ought to start capitalizing the word “teacher” in the phrase “teacher leader.” The term “teacher leader” is so ubiquitous, you can’t help but wonder if people even know what it actually means, or at least have characteristics in mind when they think of TEACHER leadership. We can knock out a …

The Dark Side of Teacher Leadership [Future of Teaching]

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I’m usually a fan of teacher leadership, but sometimes, it makes me nervous. Observe: I wonder if teachers who are deemed teacher leaders understand why so many of us put teacher in front of leader when speaking in front of teacher leadership. This falls on some of our colleagues too, who jump right into the teacher leadership role and misunderstand what comes with the title i.e. the perception that, yes, …

Teach Others How To Lead, And Other Tips [Edutopia]

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An excerpt from my latest Edutopia article: Do: Teach Others How to Lead Everyone has expertise in some way, shape or form. Some teachers have great organizing skills (who doesn’t need this?!). Others understand how to put together curriculum materials. Still others have mastered building great teacher-student relationships. Rather than focus on deficiencies, we can play to our colleagues’ strengths and ask them to lead a meeting or workshop on …