June 20, 2015 -- ATLANTA --  Drake makes a surprise appearance Future at Birthday Bash 20.   (Akili-Casundria Ramsess/Special to the AJC)

What A Time To Be Alive [The Secret Sauce]

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For those of you who missed it, I had two separate, equally potent interviews with both the Wall Street Journal and Slate. I didn’t expect them to come out in the same week, but here’s a couple of excerpts. First, I was asked to debate / converse with National Center …


Having A Voice Isn’t Free, Either (Inspiring Teacher Voice)

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Today, it was brought to my attention just how costly teacher voice can be. The top-down management style of most schools lends itself to an undemocratic collective of adults and children in the building, all exacerbated by internal and external factors like poverty, personalities, and Charlotte Danielson. Autonomy is in …

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A Memo on Teacher Voice

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Why do people always feel the need to limit the potential of teacher voice? Last year, I expounded on redefining teacher voice, and what that means for true education reform: Teacher voice is the collective and individual expression of meaningful, professional opinion based on classroom experience and expertise. What developed …

A. Phillip Randolph and Who Really Controls Teacher Voice

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This week, I had the distinct please of listening to Norman Hill speak as part of a panel of activists and organizers that worked on and around the Civil Rights Movement, specifically with Bayard Rustin. In one of my favorite moments, Hill quoted A. Phillip Randolph: “At the banquet table …

Heart Matters When You Speak

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Excerpt from my latest at The Future of Teaching: Instead, what the audience got that night was me speaking from the heart. Sure, I prepared, but I hoped to convey the passion and love I have for teaching as I do in conversations with you, or in my own writing. …