Satchel Paige Rests His Feet

Teachers Need Podiatrists, Too

Jose Vilson Jose 4 Comments

Out of the many needs teachers really have, podiatry is probably the most underrated out of any need teachers really have. Yes, we need professional development, we need to talk deeply about the profession in a cohesive and comprehensive dialogue, and introduce new buzzwords every few years just so we sound up-to-date with the sorts of chicanery available to educators and wannabes alike. But really, we need some podiatrists! Follow …

Stewie, You Suck

5 Reasons Why School Opening Day Sucks / Rocks

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Technically, most of America had their first real day of school, so in Internet years, I missed the first fleet of boats. NYC will have students in tomorrow morning, many rested from an extended break, others restless and yearning to see their friends who they may not have seen all summer. For teachers and administrators here, many teachers only started getting ready today, and with some of us wearing many …

KRS-One, The Teacher

On The Reason Why You May Only Get One Black Male Teacher Ever In Your Life (If At All)

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Here’s a real and researched statistic for you. Before college, I only had 1 Black male teacher. I also believe I had 1-2 male Latino (sorry for redundancy, it’s necessary) teachers in my lifetime before college as well. His name was Mr. Wingate and he taught me Computer Applications. In 12th grade. Nothing profound, but at my predominantly Catholic-Irish-Italian high school, he certainly caught hell for his bowties and manner …

I Give You My Heart

Recourse To Love [The Love Below Series]

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This is my second “The Love Below” post. Ever wondered how kids are interacting romantically in public school right now? Read here. Two weeks ago (or was it last week? All of it is getting rather blurry to me), I broke up a fight between a really strong 16-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl who wasn’t quite as big. Being one of the only males of the school, I once …


The Holiest Redeemers

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She looks at her paper, rubs her head a little bit, and looks up at me, and says, “6?” “Yes,” I nod in a bit of a proud moment for one of my holiest redeemers. This year, in all of my classes, I have students who have a chip on their shoulder and have come out with a significant vengeance against their own struggles and against my well-placed challenges to …


The Numbers Lie or The Aftermath of Teaching to the Test

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You all know how much I hate talking about other teachers, especially since I’d hate to bring such karma on myself. Nonetheless, I’m conflicted by the growing discrepancy between my students’ applied knowledge and their NYS Math Test scores. I’m not gassed in the least about the New York State Math Test and its ability to measure whether or not my students are prepared for the next year’s challenges. I …

The Complexities of Responsibility

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I’ve found a bit of a paradox. I bring this up because of the conversations I’ve been having with respected and degreed educators in my sphere, one whose very close to me personally and one whose cool with me professionally. Both have different schools and different situations, but both have the students in their schools in mind. On one end of the argument, we have a large conclave of teachers …

Batman, The Dark Knight

Whatever They Need Me To Be

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No, it’s not the same. Mostly the same kids. Same subject. Same friendships. Same teachers in the building. Same madness in the beginning. Same school building. Same confusion as to what the heck students had on their heads and why they decided not to wear uniform if they’ve been to the school already. Same high hopes. Same uneasiness. But it’s definitely not the same. This year, I envision me taking …


I’ve Got Soul, But I’m Not a Soldier

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It’s around this time of year that have to re-remember how to be Mr. Vilson and no longer Jose. This summer’s been great, and I’ve had many a revelation through this summer personally and professionally. I’ve rested, I’ve breathed, I’ve read, I’ve written, I’ve learned, I’ve loved, and I’ve lived. And now, I’m almost ready to face those children again. It’s a moment of truth, and I’m starting to feel …