Bridging The Digital Divide With Technology In Schools [EdSurge]

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EdSurge, a popular education technology website, recently invited me to write an article for them. My mouth was agape at the offer, mainly because everyone knows I won’t hold back on issues of equity. I applaud their courage for taking me on. Here’s an excerpt: Of course, this means I am advocating for tech as tool, not tech as teacher. …

Jose VilsonBridging The Digital Divide With Technology In Schools [EdSurge]

Because iPads Can’t Read Themselves [Future of Teaching]

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Excerpt: More importantly, if a portable reading device is more intuitive and more interactive, doesn’t that (at least minimally) connect the reader with the text? People still want to read, but no matter what the medium. Much of it is a matter of relevance and engagement. Conde Nast, for instance, made an excellent move recently by developing app versions of …

Jose VilsonBecause iPads Can’t Read Themselves [Future of Teaching]
Steve Jobs

We Get To Say We Do

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Today, Steve Jobs and Co. blew the roof off the house with his WWDC conference today, where he introduced some mega-updates to his software on all current Apple devices. For those of us who have been buying any new devices made for mass consumption, our jaw continues to drop that Moore’s Law (the number of transistors that can be placed …

Jose VilsonWe Get To Say We Do

On Why It’s Lonely Out Here for a Black / Latino Teacher Blogger. Really.

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A week or so ago, I ended a blog entry about my appearance at’s fundraiser likeso: While at times in that gathering, while chewing on some wonderful chocolate chip cookies, I mulled over whether a Black / Latino man severely outnumbered ethnically and culturally in the many educational arenas I’m involved in even really belonged in this set, I …

Jose VilsonOn Why It’s Lonely Out Here for a Black / Latino Teacher Blogger. Really.
Light Bulb

Aaron’s Revenge: A Perspective from a Web Designer on Education

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I‘m going to pull a Dan Meyer here and quote someone, then tell you to replace every web tech word with an edu-jargon word, then tell you that I’m in concurrence with that statement. Check the brilliance that is Aaron Halford (on 5am unrest and too much caffeine): ….Jose might be kind to you on this front. I won’t be. …

Jose VilsonAaron’s Revenge: A Perspective from a Web Designer on Education
Kids In Shock

OMG My Teacher Blogs LOL LMAO

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Yesterday, my Google Image results showed up in my classroom computer. Not that it’s uncommon, but more who made it show up. A few of my students looked me up online and thought it’d be cute to revise my photos for some reason. Photo #1: Looking out towards the sky. Photo #2: Fresh in greyscale. Photo #3: Here’s lookin’ at …

Jose VilsonOMG My Teacher Blogs LOL LMAO

Technically Latino

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The Urban Scientist recently posted a meme in honor of Latino Heritage Month (Sept. 16th – Oct. 16th). Here’s an excerpt: “Can you name 5 Latin/Hispanic Scientists? Rules: 1. Be sure to name their discipline or field. 2. You can’t choose people from your own institution or company. (I may go soft on this one, this time) 3. You can’t …

Jose VilsonTechnically Latino
Twitter Addict in Prison

Ahhh Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet! (or 5 Reasons I Like Twitter)

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Someone recently thought aloud, “Why am I on Twitter?!” (actually a little more … terse) So without further adieu, my top 5 reasons: 1. The 140 Character Challenge: In Twitter, you’re only allowed to use 140 characters to express your thoughts, announcements, desires, and visions. As a writer, I first thought it’d hurt my creative process since I can’t use …

Jose VilsonAhhh Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet! (or 5 Reasons I Like Twitter)

I’m a BlogCritic

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I’m now a writer for a sinister cabal of superior writers. Or something like that. For my first magic trick, I speculated on why computers will replace people with a little help from Mr. Roboto. Support, mi gente. There’s more in store. And of course, this is still the #1 place for my writing. Just need to sharpen the skills …

Jose VilsonI’m a BlogCritic


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Breakthroughs in the way people communicate often leave the older technologies at a search for its own identity. This is especially true in today’s media (most visible within sports and news). Sometimes when the old media tries to find its identity, it finds ways to destroy any and every other media outlet without much success and with a heavy backlash. …

Jose VilsonCh-Ch-Ch-Changes!