Heart Matters When You Speak

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Excerpt from my latest at The Future of Teaching: Instead, what the audience got that night was me speaking from the heart. Sure, I prepared, but I hoped to convey the passion and love I have for teaching as I do in conversations with you, or in my own writing. Sometimes, while striving for perfection, we forget the delicate balance …

Jose VilsonHeart Matters When You Speak

My 7 Great Ideas and Themes Behind #TEDxNYED 2011

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Despite my expected candor about the state of education conferences like these, I also reserve the right to speak on the ideas without attacking the person (because, for some reason, using the name of anyone in the edu-tech pantheon makes you vulnerable to fan-boy snipers and gasping doubters clutching their jewels). My TEDxNYED experience started off well enough because a) …

Jose VilsonMy 7 Great Ideas and Themes Behind #TEDxNYED 2011