Heart Matters When You Speak

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Excerpt from my latest at The Future of Teaching: Instead, what the audience got that night was me speaking from the heart. Sure, I prepared, but I hoped to convey the passion and love I have for teaching as I do in conversations with you, or in my own writing. …

A Few Secrets About My Appearance at TEDxNYED

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You didn’t think I’d let the weekend go by without talking about TEDxNYED right? I was honored to be invited to speak (second!) at the TEDx conference at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens yesterday. You often hear notes from the audience’s perspective, but the speakers who …

Running To The Edge

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Dennis Littky, radical educator and co-founder of Big Picture Learning, wowed everyone with his TEDxNYED speech on Saturday. The man with the colorful kufi and grey beard might have struck the unsuspecting (and uninformed) as discordant in contrast to the business casual of the rest of the crowd or aloof …

My 7 Great Ideas and Themes Behind #TEDxNYED 2011

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Despite my expected candor about the state of education conferences like these, I also reserve the right to speak on the ideas without attacking the person (because, for some reason, using the name of anyone in the edu-tech pantheon makes you vulnerable to fan-boy snipers and gasping doubters clutching their …

C'Mon Son: Star Wars Edition

Validating Blogs #4080: Indirect People Are Shadyyyy

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Last week, after attending the awesome TEDxNYED, I found myself yearning for more of that collaborative energy. Everytime I thought I was done reflecting on some of the ideas presented, I find another opportunity to immediately use the knowledge acquired to something I’d already thought. For instance, I invited a …

TEDxNYED, Apples

Short Notes: 14 Things I Learned from #TEDxNYED 2010

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This past Saturday, I had the fortune of attending the TEDxNYED conference, an independently run conference based on the TED conferences where they speak on an idea for a good 18-20 minutes about whatever topic they like.¬†While some critics have come out in full force against the latest TED conference, …