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Doing My Part for High School Readiness

May 1, 2012 Jose

On Sunday, during our walk for the Run for Change, one of my students asked, “What are we going to do for the rest of the year?” “You mean in terms of math?” “Yeah, like what’s going to happen?” “Well for the next month, I’ll be teaching high school math, and in June, I might […]

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The 5-Minute Break

April 23, 2012 Jose

Last week, New York State Education Commission decided to give students a mandated 5-minute break in the first book of the English-Language Arts test. When I read about it, I laughed for reasons I rather expand on after the math test. However, I did receive a tape with some recorded dialogue from the closed room […]

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An Ode To The Big Tests

April 16, 2012 Jose

Here’s to you. Here’s to the students who will be pelted with Scantron sheets and test booklets emblazoned with the shape of New York State, a place they’ve explored so little. Here’s to the students who, after 140 days of mixed concentration for varied reasons, will be asked to focus all their energies on answering […]

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Draft of a Letter to the New York State Board of Regents 2011

May 24, 2011 Guest Posts

To Whom This May Concern: Anytime I get the opportunity to score the New York State Mathematics Exam, whether as scoring leader, table leader, or part of the scoring team, I try to ingest the super-technical rubrics and guidelines in order to be the best scorer possible. Every time we sit through the trainings, whichever […]

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5 Things To Remember For Teachers Prepping Their Students for The Big Exam

April 26, 2011 Mr. Vilson
obama group hug

I have exactly 5 days to prepare my students for the New York State Mathematics Test. 40+ multiple-choice questions, 8 short-response, and 4 extended-response. Cathie Black Dennis Walcott and Co. implicitly put the burner under our butts when they released our Teacher Data Reports a couple of weeks ago for us to peruse and look […]

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Rest Elbows on Table, Insert Chin Into Hands (Pick Your Head Up Afterwards)

August 4, 2010 Jose

This is the reason I don’t like reading the papers in NYC. They’re either filled with information I’ve already read, information that’s misinformation, or information I just shake my head at. This time around, it was the third. And I didn’t even have my usual sources of news to inform me immediately of Sunday’s NY […]

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