Thankful (After Thanksgiving)

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I try to be thankful everyday. I’m always reminded that I have ancestors who didn’t and don’t have the same fortune I have, and how blessed I am to partake in meals with all of my family. It’s hard to celebrate a day you know was dedicated to what pilgrims perceived as manifest destiny but that the victims and survivors perceive as the pillage, rape, and genocide of their people. …

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Turkey, Smallpox, and the Inevitability of Just One Day For Eternal Thanks

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Human nature always leads us to believe that the days of yore had more promise and glimmer than they really did. We glorify the past as if present times overcomplicated living for every and any modern mainstream American family. Well, except for those disenfranchised in this country during certain periods of the calendar. We’re probably the quickest to recognize the sordid history of every and any holiday because that too …

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Counting Your Blessings (Am I Not Human?)

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This is not my Thanksgiving Meat cooking in the oven, parents readying themselves for the night’s festivities My brother in from the academic institution I once attended A mix of house cleanliness and unease over my mother’s operation tomorrow But this is not my Thanksgiving This is a call to attention to counting our blessings On a day after Mumbai becomes overrun by young terrorists On a day when over …

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Open Thread: Thankful

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My favorite Thanksgiving traditions involve my younger brother and cousin eating pernil (pork) from Mom’s awesome cooking, drinking tons of soda, playing NBA 2Ksomething, or Mario Kart, and then sitting in the living room after the adults left and talking shit. Just putrid and haterific shit. Most of it I can’t even remember, but I know most of it wasn’t even called for. Needless to say, my family traditions weren’t …

Tryptophan Sedates Me, Too

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In 2000, when I finally had the language to express my frustrations and quandaries about the state and history of America, I started to refer to Thanksgiving as “Happy Indigenous Slaughter Day” to commemorate the millions of indigenous people slaughtered by the incumbent European oppressors who pillaged, raped, and committed ruthless genocide amongst the many across this hemisphere (and in other continents). The history of these states demand that we …