Not All My Teacherfolk Are My Kinfolk

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Tiffanie Drayton’s open letter to the teachers who wore NYPD t-shirts on the first day of school ought to be printed and passed around in every staff meeting: To your Black and Latino students, many of whom must have serious conversations with their parents about safeguarding their person from those charged to serve and protect them — the NYPD — your actions are deeply hurtful. Any remaining innocence they brought …


On Leaked E-Mails and The Eventual Uproar [Where I Call Joel Klein a Pirate]

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First, let me tell you how excited I was that the United Federation of Teachers FOILed Joel Klein’s e-mails from DOE. I’m much happier knowing that I wasn’t misjudging anything about him or his co-conspirators on any level. They really do come off like jerks, they really do spend ALL day on their Blackberries for no apparent reason, and they really do want to push the idea of charter schools …

Why I’m Marching Forward [It’s The Only Direction]

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You’ve got to be wondering what a teacher like me is doing marching against the “reform” trends. For those of you unfamiliar with my background, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University. A year later, after 6-8 months of unemployment and a stint as a data entry person at an educational database firm, I went into the NYC Teaching Fellows program, an offshoot of Michelle Rhee’s …

Michael Mulgrew with Comptroller John Liu

Michael Mulgrew and the Idea of Listening Instead of Hearing

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It might have been the sweet potato fries or the classic cuban sandwiches, but today marks the first time I ever believed my union president word-for-word. Today at Havana Central Upper West Side, Michael Mulgrew, President of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), spoke in front of a capacity  crowd of strictly District 6 (Harlem and Upper Manhattan) teachers over a few appetizers and drinks. Normally these events don’t have …

Hot Town, Summer in the City

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The latest weather in NYC makes me pose one question: “What the f*** is this?!” On one end of the week, I was in New Orleans, where it was hot for the most part, but soon turned to blistering when the humidity almost made my traveling partner and I collapse in our margaritas. On the other, NYC has these cold thunderstorms that make me wonder if we’re really in August …