Short Notes: What Exactly Is Emancipation?

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A few notes: My latest post at The Collaborateurs talks about my own journey as an alternative certification teacher to where I am now. [CTQ] Phillippe Copeland questions the meaning of Juneteenth, especially when there are more black men incarcerated than were enslaved back then. Just saying. [GOOD] Diane Ravitch’s …


Karen Lewis on Using The Bosses’ Tools [Pre-MLK Jr. Day]

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A few notes: The Los Angeles United School District and its teachers union came to an agreement on teacher evaluation that makes some sense. [LA Daily News] John Holland outlines with no equivocation the difference between responsibility and accountability. [Future of Teaching] Sherman Dorn gives us five oft-overlooked facts about …

Why This Teacher Supports Unions (A Thought)

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I can tell you of the petty nonsense I’ve faced as a teacher, the plethora of veteran teachers they tried to get rid of because they’re too old, the times I didn’t think my job was safe because I had an opinion that’s far from mainstream, the people I’ve met …