Barack Obama with Bill Russell

Short Notes: Rustin Would Have Snickered At Clinton Onstage

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A few notes: This week, President Obama awarded Bayard Rustin with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with notables such as Arturo Sandoval, Loretta Lynn, and Bill Clinton. I’m almost certain Bayard would have rolled his eyes at Bill Clinton, especially with regards to his proliferation of imprisonment. [Huffington Post] Andy Borowitz reports that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos clicked on his purchase of the Washington Post by mistake. Oops. [The New …

Hey, Bill Gates: You Evaluatin’ Me? (Part I) [Future of Teaching]

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Here’s the first in a two-part essay about Bill Gates’ interview with The Washington Post: He is correct in stating that students get evaluated all the time, from the first time they enter a classroom all the way through college and beyond. Getting a degree demands having plenty of tests getting thrown at you, high-stakes or otherwise. These tests often determine if you achieve the next level or not, and …

Short Notes: John Steinbeck Giving Away His Secrets?

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A few notes: I’ve known GOLES for years now, and they do great work empowering the Lower East Side. Please consider donating to them. [GOLES] John Steinbeck offers advice and non-advice for writers. You’ll love it. [BrainPicker] Something to pay attention to: Puerto Rico seeks to define its relationship with the United States. [AP] Students learn how to make college affordable. [Santa Maria Times] Which state has the best public …