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Aaron’s Revenge: A Perspective from a Web Designer on Education

Jose Vilson Jose 3 Comments

I‘m going to pull a Dan Meyer here and quote someone, then tell you to replace every web tech word with an edu-jargon word, then tell you that I’m in concurrence with that statement. Check the brilliance that is Aaron Halford (on 5am unrest and too much caffeine): ….Jose might be kind to you on this front. I won’t be. Web design takes time, skill, and effort just like any …

The Jose Vilson Blog

Spring Cleaning

Jose Vilson Jose 2 Comments

Yesterday was the first day I stayed home pretty much the whole day. It wasn’t the plan, but while I was there, I decided to a little spring cleaning. Those of you looking at the site from a feed reader may want to look at the new website. Or just follow these images: The Jose Vilson Blog I had to step it up a bit. I had a TV interview, …

Watchmen Cover

I Watch The Watchmen

Jose Vilson Jose 7 Comments

Carl: yo some of the watchmen themeness going on in your new layout just hit me. i like it even more now Me: hahaha Carl: shh, it’s ben a long day lol Carl: don’t hate Me: i almost did Me: haha My latest site redress had three inspirations: The Watchmen, Salvador Dali, and Andy Park. Let me explain. The Watchmen I’ve been reading The Watchmen graphic novel since the trailer …