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Please, Keep Writing and Teaching [Kick More Ass]

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Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you’re a blogger writing about education and a whole mess of other stuff that permeates the experiences you have as an educator looking inward and outward, trying to seek solutions to complex and amorphous situations. Let’s say you decided to look at the landscape of writing …

On Writing As Revenge

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What happens when your writing becomes revenge? Not the Twilight-Mean-Girls type of revenge, but the revenge that James Brown yells in “The Big Payback“? I get that hate is too big a burden to bear a-la MLK Jr, but this isn’t hate. This harkens back to a remembrance, a devaluing, …

Short Notes: Hip-Hop Didn’t Fail America

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Before I proceed, dozens of people from various school districts have told me that my site is blocked on their school computers. In the event that it is, you can always get my articles via e-mail by signing up on the right-hand side of this blog or by subscribing via …

Short Notes: John Steinbeck Giving Away His Secrets?

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A few notes: I’ve known GOLES for years now, and they do great work empowering the Lower East Side. Please consider donating to them. [GOLES] John Steinbeck offers advice and non-advice for writers. You’ll love it. [BrainPicker] Something to pay attention to: Puerto Rico seeks to define its relationship with …


900 Posts, Because the Last 100 Didn’t Make It Easy

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Ladies and gents, I’ve arrived at my 900th post. I should dedicate this one to the fact that George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s murderer, was caught unbloodied and unbruised on video during his trip to the Sanford Police Department with police, dispelling his account almost assuredly. I could also dedicated to …


Stay In Your Lane [A Math Teacher’s Lament]

Jose Vilson Mr. Vilson 4 Comments

Why do people stigmatize math teachers? It’s bad enough we teach people that they’re either math people or they’re not (patent lie, I promise you). Now, we’re even limiting math teachers to the fields in which they can excel. They stereotype (!) math teachers as having hobbies like playing piano …