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The Examiner Examines … Me (On Writing about Education) [Why We Write]

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Recently, Wendy Coakley-Thompson interviewed me for the Washington, DC Publishing Industry Examiner about education, writing, and how my passions intersect: 2. In what ways do both poetry and education writings satisfy your need for creative self-expression? Poetry satisfies my more creative urges, where I get to play with the more ethereal, the emotional, the wedges where I don’t have to …


900 Posts, Because the Last 100 Didn’t Make It Easy

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Ladies and gents, I’ve arrived at my 900th post. I should dedicate this one to the fact that George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s murderer, was caught unbloodied and unbruised on video during his trip to the Sanford Police Department with police, dispelling his account almost assuredly. I could also dedicated to the lesser known Shaima Al-Awadi, a mother of four was …


Stay In Your Lane [A Math Teacher's Lament]

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Why do people stigmatize math teachers? It’s bad enough we teach people that they’re either math people or they’re not (patent lie, I promise you). Now, we’re even limiting math teachers to the fields in which they can excel. They stereotype (!) math teachers as having hobbies like playing piano (fractions!) and read xkcd (might be true), but God forbid …


Kick In The Door, Wavin’ The 44 [On Writing To Kick Ass]

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One of the questions people ask me is how I do this. Whatever this is. I’m reminded of this every semester or so when a random professor asks students to read my blog for their course or pick a teacher blog that best exemplifies their core beliefs. While privileged to have people read my often disjointed thoughts, I think back …

Five People I Wish Would Write A Damn Book Already

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Before I begin, I’d like to dedicate this space to one of my first students ever, Bianca Espinal. She’s part of a program called “Broadway’s Next Star” and I would love it if you visited the site, watch her perform “Rolling In The Deep,” and hit “Like!” Because I’m positive you’ll love that voice of hers. In the middle of …

On Writing This Particular Book

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I‘ve learned a few things about writing this particular book. It’s definitely not like other books, but it is my book. I’m writing it because it’s about time I culminate the 1000+ blogs I’ve written in between my earlier private site, a few other sites, and this one, which accounts for about 741 of my meatiest, most elucidating work about …