Golden Gloves Boxer, Shadow Boxing

Shadowboxing [To 50K and Beyond]

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Writing these days has been an exercise in shadowboxing, fighting myself on the way to the completion of this first manuscript. Similar to my blog, I decided to stay away from topics that could hurt my professional aspirations and / or provide any openings about my past or present love life. Unlike my blog, however, I will discuss events that actually happened in my classroom and school that merit further …


A Letter To A Writer Who Doesn’t Want To Hear It

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Dear burgeoning writer, Please don’t take this the wrong way, but we need to talk. It’s the same talk my editors had to have with me after my first few submissions, and one that I never had to have again afterwards. You see, for writers that care, the act of writing is a personal craft, and I can’t deny how hard it is to get your writing critiqued because it …

On Writing This Particular Book

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I‘ve learned a few things about writing this particular book. It’s definitely not like other books, but it is my book. I’m writing it because it’s about time I culminate the 1000+ blogs I’ve written in between my earlier private site, a few other sites, and this one, which accounts for about 741 of my meatiest, most elucidating work about and through me. It hasn’t always been pristine, educational, or …

This Writing Is Less of a Run, More Like a Dance

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Someone recently asked me (and I’m omitting the person’s name because it wasn’t a public question): A quick question? Do you feel like you have to be “politically” correct when you write your posts? This type of writing? It’s less like a straight run or a drive down a road, and more like a dance. I have these steadfast rules I’ve engraved into the inside of my forehead and have …

Another Brick In The Wall

Writer’s Block: Less Like a Wall, More Like a Brick

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Writer’s block is a fictitious little monster we feed every time other non-recreational activities make us succumb to their urgencies. More than half the time, writer’s block isn’t about a lack of talent or imagination; ideas often pop up on the way to a friend’s gathering or in the middle of a conversation with yourself. Often, it’s whether you’re worried about whether rent’s getting paid, whether the family member will …

This Writer’s Obligation

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Today, I read another ridiculous anti-educator post, this one by Thomas Friedman, another journalist who has something to say about education. There’s a boatload of people just like him now at the center of the discussion for education, people who didn’t have much of an opinion since the last time they told their teacher that a dog ate their homework. If they can do it, why can’t teachers do that …

Brian Hits Stewie With Book

How’s That Novel You’re Working On, Vilson?

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Pardon me for stating the obvious, but I’m working on a book. Not the one that Dr. Barnett Barry and the rest of the Teaching 2030 Team will have out mid-December / early January that you can pre-order now (Amazon Kindle it, please). That one’s great, too. My own. With my name all by itself in the front with the working title of Walking on Water, though I’ll call it …

James Vilson

A Lesson From My Brother Chneux: How To Talk About Yourself When No One Else Will

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Vilsons are supposed to brag. Aside from the lasciviousness (which is how we ended up with so many siblings on my father’s side to begin with), the Vilsons are often considered to have an unusually high swagger and a disregard for life’s rules without surpassing the boundaries of “cool.” They’re not prone to jumping out of airplanes, but they’ll certainly race down a Miami highway at 100MPH and slow up …

Robin Hood 2010, Ready To Shoot

Until Lambs Become Lions [About Blogging]

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A couple of nights ago, I saw Russell Crowe’s rendition of Robin Hood. A good movie for those who like serious, rugged prequels to their favorites, the film takes us through Robin Hood the English soldier who fought alongside the King of England in defense of his country before the jealous king pronounced him as the outlaw archer we know today. The humble courage he demonstrates throughout the movie has …

Death By Pen

6 Things I’ve Learned About Writing [600th Post]

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I honestly can’t believe I’ve written 600 of these essays. I went from a little blog somewhere in the atmosphere to getting a nice pat-on-the-back from the hundreds of you who read me weekly. I’ve learned so much, I just had to write it down. I’m at a point where I’m bombarded with requests for advice (sure), web design help (depends), and enough spam to fill an inbox (yikes). Furthermore, …