Jay-Z Vibe Cover

Who’s Gonna Cover Your Vibes, XXLs, and Sources?

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Recently, Vibe Magazine closed its doors, at least in print form. For those who never ventured into black publication, Vibe Magazine was a Black-based magazine started by Quincy Jones last decade. The ostensible vision of the pub was to highlight Black culture, but with a bit of a White lens. It mainly featured R&B and hip-hop acts while also dipping into some rock and dance artists from time to time. …

Morning City

An Interrupted Morning

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It’s been less than a week since my vacation started, and my mind tingles like it did when I was still in the Mr. Vilson phase, full of thoughts and ways I’d change my routine for that day. Little did that part of my brain know that I really wasn’t going to wake up at 530am, get in my uniform, and belt out my lesson plans that day. Still antsy …

Death Measured At Words Per Minute

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In this increasingly popular post entitled, “But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” a commenter by the name of Kat, whose discussions on Twitter have given me food for thought, linked me to a video by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Anyone who’s even ridden a subway, gone to a Barnes & Nobles, or walked down the park has made some contact with said book, even …

Dr. Manhattan

A Dr. Manhattan Perspective

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Trying out some voices this week. People asked me the definition of voice, and I’m exploring my boundaries. Experimental today. Education tomorrow. Explosive on Thursday. You know how I do. It is 1am on a Saturday. Somewhere in a far-away planet, I’ve left my mind while my physical being lays sprawled on a bed, quilt tucked sloppily underneath it to protect it from the coldest and briskest of winters. Distraught. …

The Soloist

Play The Soloist

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When your voice finds you, it doesn’t matter how you express it: your signature’s all over it. I write this because, after seeing The Soloist, a movie about a Los Angeles-based writer who finds a homeless cellist / prodigy and a must-watch for any writer I know, I’ve given tons of thought about where to take the writing “thing.” Not to spoil the movie (as it is a biopic of …



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I woke up in sudden shock today on the A train on the way back from work. A blonde lady in her mid-30s woke me up as she sat next to me on the 59th Street stop. I was alarmed at first, but I turned back into sleep mode when I saw this Black man in a cool busboy cap pedaling his books. He had his three types right on …


A Writer’s Make

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Question: What’s the difference between a blogger and a writer? Yesterday, a friend of mine decided she’d abandoned blogging for a myriad of reasons, all of them viable and understandable in the eyes of the reader and the writer alike. It hurt me to read because I honestly believe in her ability to convey her deepest emotions and ideas. Even when she extended the post, she never bored people with …


Pomp in Circumstance

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A few notes: – A few days ago, I mentioned how one of my favorite teachers / mentors / friends left my present school of employ. Today, I found out that another teacher, who was an icon in the building, passed away. It hurt my soul to see him go, because he was a staple for the school and like the first teacher I mentioned, contributed positively to the school …

Juan Luis Guerra

Short Notes: Vale La Pena (It’s Worth The Sorrow)

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1. I just love writing. I really do. No, no long reflections or juxtapositions. Just needed to get that out there. Lately, I’ve thought about what how happy writing makes me, even when my own writing here has become a subject of contention in different areas. My musings about life, love, and the pursuit of peace keep me more focused than ever on all the projects I’ve undertaken. I often …