The Eyes of the Devil

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I made this little picture (which is click-able for full view) after I swear I saw the devil right in front of me. One of the scariest moments we’ll ever encounter as teachers is when we see the devil in the eyes of the people who are supposed to help our children. We can tell when we see them when …

Jose VilsonThe Eyes of the Devil

Sh**, G_ddamn, Get Off Your @ss and Write

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Much of my effort for the last 3 weeks or so has been geared towards my blogging, an extension of my article writing / column writing ambitions. That’s also means my poetry, my one true love, has been neglected for some time. I wrote a couple of pieces here and there on this blog, but otherwise, most of my poetry …

Jose VilsonSh**, G_ddamn, Get Off Your @ss and Write

Too Cool For School


I’m surprised by the serendipity of this August 1st. A few quick notes: 1) I’m the featured artist on RainTiger’s Poetry Site for August 2007. Thanks, mi gente. 2) As I said before, I’m a BlogCritic, and my latest article about the recent Rock the Bells concert featuring Rage Against the Machine, Wu Tang, and Public Enemy is officially published. …

Jose VilsonToo Cool For School

I’m a BlogCritic

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I’m now a writer for a sinister cabal of superior writers. Or something like that. For my first magic trick, I speculated on why computers will replace people with a little help from Mr. Roboto. Support, mi gente. There’s more in store. And of course, this is still the #1 place for my writing. Just need to sharpen the skills …

Jose VilsonI’m a BlogCritic

Genesis (Why I Write)


The biggest question any burgeoning writer answers for anyone is “Why do you write?” Whether one write essays, lesson plans, and poetry (like yours truly), or are into the other genres such as fashion or sports writing, one finds him or herself asking those questions as well, especially because humans always like to think there’s a purpose behind the madness …

Jose VilsonGenesis (Why I Write)