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The Life and Times of Jose Vilson, Vol. 2

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I started off this year the same way I started off last year: reflective, and humbled. My first entry for 2008 was an errors and omissions post, just to let people know that, yes, even I make mistakes (::flicks imaginary hair from his face like a pseudostar::). More importantly, though, …

Not About My Salary, But More About My Reality

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Am I sure I want to make this kind of leap? Why leave the confined of a blog where I amassed what feels like thousands of comments (100+ comments in my “Fuck Bush” post alone)? 300+ subscribers? almost 5 years of blogging? Tons of forwards, friends, and acquaintances And I …

About My Blog: Just Omissions

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I had over 200 views on my latest end-of-the-year blog, which is awesome, and duly appreciated. I put out a lot of my personal life into the blogosphere and have gotten nothing but praises and well wishes. It takes a lot for me to put myself out there like that …