Teachers Should Get Paid Like Derek Jeter … or At Least Like Phil Hughes [Huffington Post]

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Derek Jeter and Phil Hughes

An excerpt from my latest Huffington Post article:

Since most teachers’ audiences are children, their true worth only get analyzed in retrospect, in comparison to the next teacher or in a nostalgic and proud moment of that childhood.

An underlying argument could (and should) be made for this nation to raise the salaries of teachers (and other public service workers) for one of the most affluent and powerful nations in the world instead of contracting no-bid contracts to companies Halliburton and Bechtel with no interest in strengthening the infrastructure. Clearly, when there’s very little discussion about how much public servants get paid to ensure that one of America’s greatest institutions stays afloat despite so many external factors impeding its success, they have every right to feel anger towards those who dare question their professionalism and their profession.

More on this critical question on how teachers and athletes compare salary-wise on The Huffington Post.

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