The Cool Kids And Me

Jose Vilson Jose

Alltop, all the cool kids (and me)

Guy Kawasaki recently put me onto this website called, a magazine type of site, that aggregates some of the great websites / blogs out there … and now I’m included in that list. Pretty cool all things considered. The concept for the site itself is pretty cool as well. For a demo on what I mean, check this out. At first, I thought I’d just find obscure edublogs that I never read, but to the contrary, 1/2 my education blogroll’s on there. When you get a chance, drop by the site. No, I’m not getting paid to say any of it, just needed to share things I run into on the ‘net, along with:

The Unapologetic Mexican, who highlights how even Paris Hilton makes John McCain look like he’s got a couple of screws loose;

Carmen D., who highlights how big corporations just swindled 5100 digital channels for free;

Clay Burell, who gives the other side of the soldier student argument;

Liza Sabater, who highlights people’s misgivings about real grassroots movements;

Tracy Rosen, who understands how kids learn through technologies and not just buzz words;

Brooks of Sheffield, who calls out the morons who cut lines, throw cigarettes on the ground, and don’t get up for senior citizens and pregnant women;

Amiri Baraka for writing a retort to those who see Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader as viable candidates instead of Barack Obama (courtesy of Christina Springer);

And Frumteacher, who clocked in as my top commenter (as far as number of comments) …

jose, who edited a few things here and there on his blog page …

p.s. – Carnival of Education hosted by Pass the Torch, right here!