The Dark Side of Teacher Leadership [Future of Teaching]

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I’m usually a fan of teacher leadership, but sometimes, it makes me nervous. Observe:

I wonder if teachers who are deemed teacher leaders understand why so many of us put teacher in front of leader when speaking in front of teacher leadership.

This falls on some of our colleagues too, who jump right into the teacher leadership role and misunderstand what comes with the title i.e. the perception that, yes, they will lead as teachers. No teacher should have to feel reserved when it comes to their professional opinion, but fellow teachers do value expertise and approach when it comes to leadership, no matter who it comes from.

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Mr. Vilson, who had to ask …

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  1. Jose, it certainly makes me nervous as well. In my experience teacher leaders in suburban schools are more likely to have real teaching experience, and have been stellar teachers. Few suburban school leaders come from experimental programs here in Connecticut, but in poor urban schools some of these some innovative programs are placing new teachers in leadership roles they are not ready for. Their fellow teachers know it, and resent it. This hurts everyone-including teacher leaders. And yes the “Teacher” in teacher leader assumes these people were and are great teachers. Sadly something that is increasingly missing in my opinion these days when it comes to teacher leaders.
    Keep on telling it like it is Jose,

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