The Dawning of the Age of an Aquarian

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AquariusI feel like I’m exposing myself a bit with what I’m about to post, but I’m a big believer in astrology. I don’t necessarily believe in all the astrologers out there with the light-up snow globes and gypsy-inspired wardrobe. However, I can’t help but believe that if the moon has such a strong influence on the bodies of water around the Earth, then as bodies of water, we too will inevitably be influenced by the moon, the stars, the planets around us, and yes, even the Earth’s environment. We’re all bodies of water, and the exact moment we’re born at can give us clues as to how we’ll behave. It sounds like hogwash on the surface, but my experience only tells me the opposite. Check what Wikipedia says about Aquarians like me:

The Aquarius person is unconventional, detached, intellectual, objective, individualistic, inventive, unique, easygoing, sophisticated, future-oriented, friendship-oriented, humanitarian, cause-oriented, believes in groups and society, playful, friendly, spontaneous, caring, devoted, trend setter, liberal, understanding, energetic, tolerant, benevolent, charming, patient, free-spirited, independent, open-minded, and progressive. They can also sometimes be unpredictable, dogmatic, cold, mean, over-permissive, aloof, rebellious, stubborn, eccentric, erotic, undependable, self-oriented, self-centered, unable to commit, judgmental, fickle and elitist

*** The ones in bold I definitely agree with, the ones that are underlined I’m trying to improve, and the ones in italic make me laugh (in a “that’s so not me” way). ***

I don’t look to horoscopes and the like to tell me how to live, but this is as accurate a description as I’d get about myself. Trying to understand oneself is paramount to becoming the best person one can be. I particularly started thinking about this after I read The Unapologetic Mexican’s post about Benazir Bhutto, and especially focused on the following:

PERHAPS the most obvious admission that a person can make stating that they are personally incapable of changing the world’s destiny with their own abilities and gifts and unique vision is to simply take the life of those who make it their mission to do so.

That coupled with the plethora of discussions I’ve had with my friends and family about everything from the Zeitgeist and Revelations to Iraq, 9/11, and 2012 really has me thinking about how my own actions affect the world around me. Because of how society’s structured and how minuscule we’ve been taught to perceive ourselves in contrast to time and space, I often think whether my actions even matter.

Then I realize, “Fuck yeah they do.”

As a person in progress, I think about how a small group of bankers could influence the whole world to make the American dollar into the world’s most popular currency, how only a couple of people writing things down on paper made for all the pervasive ideas of our day from religion and light theory to evolution and government, and how even a small amount of people sparked the rules of engagement for our own beliefs. Even if all the major people we’ve ever believed in like Malcolm X, Jesus, Gandhi, da Vinci, Darwin, Mother Teresa, or Bhutto had a huge collective of people behind them making sure their ideas gained traction in our minds, that was a small percentage compared to the many more who stayed at home, scared to take a risk or a chance on what would eventually change human civilization as they knew it.

Of course, that comes with its pitfalls. There are those who want to keep civilization the way it is. Most people are averse to change, even if they too will benefit. We’ve had “accidents” and assassinations abound, and these plans usually came to fruition with prior knowledge from that person. Yet, these influential people know they’re risking life and love for the benefit of humankind, knowing that their works at some point and time will inspire the next generation of thinkers and society shapers.

So every year, I sit at the precipice of another 365.25 days go by, and wonder whether what I’ve done has had the greatest impact on my world it could have. I’m still working on my personal issues (for more, check the italics above), but I know I wasn’t meant to sit idly by while everything around us goes to crap. Some of my friends believe that the Earth will eventually resolve everything on its own as it has over the last 4.5 or so billion years, but that goes back to the idea of complacency: is our sitting down and letting things happen part of the solution or the problem? What do we contribute if we think we’re so small we can’t do anything?

Or do we? Even for my educators, what do we do besides our jobs? Are we doing anything while we’re doing our jobs to make our children feel like they’re more than destined for the proletariat? I’m not sure, but while we’re about 150 years away from the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, this Aquarian’s dawning will come sooner than that.

jose, who only writes long entries when he believes in it, and he believes in this one …

p.s. – I love that “Sweetest Girl (Remix)” with Wyclef, Akon, Lil’ Wayne, Raekwon, and Niia. I thought the original was OK, but not good enough to download. This song reminds me of the mid-90’s. Yep.

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  1. I believe in what astrology says about the basic characteristics of a person born at a certain time of year, but I, like you, do not depend on it for my survival – I can leave the house without reading it.


    “PERHAPS the most obvious admission that a person can make stating that they are personally incapable of changing the world’s destiny with their own abilities and gifts and unique vision is to simply take the life of those who make it their mission to do so.”

    . . . has to be one of the most powerful quotes I’ve heard in a while. Damn.

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  3. This is a serious post. I am one that knows how the bodies in our solar system affects us on a daily basis. I don’t read Horror-scopes, but I do have somewhat of an understanding of our sun signs. Some say the that Aquarius begins in 150 years, some say now. Just depends on the time piece we follow. However I know I can feel and see the effects of the sun coming into the house of water. So maybe we are in the dawning, the opening light, of Aquarius.

    From Krs One; Listen to the lyrics. We are the ones prophesized to return, my main coner is for sll of you to learn how to live, yes throught the lyrics I give and send my friend. This age is coming to an end. Not the world, but the age is ending, listen to the astrological message I’m sending. Truth is truth whether or not you like me, we are living in the age of Pisces. When Pisces is over, at the year 2000, when the Sun of God changes his house and enters the Age of Aquarius. The Sun of God as man is hilarious. When you think of Jesus, think of the Sun the flaming sun thts where they stole this concept from. Stop believing and read your bible logically, the New Testament is really old astrology. Jesus is the Son of God no lie, but they might be talking about the sun up in the sky. The sun, that hangs on the cross of the zodiac. The zodiac with the 12 signs to be exact. Each sign is a house, and you should keep in mind each equals a period of time. The time, 2000 years and that’s a fact. Its called an Age or a house in the zodiac. The 12 disciples, are 12 months of reason, the four gospels signify the four seasons. When Jesus fed the multitude with two fishes, it signified the Age of Pisces, not fish on dishes. If you read the bible astrologically its clearer. The next Age wil be the Age of the Water bearer. Its calle the Age of Aquarius, when logic and truth will take care of us. So in this age, of spiritual dignity, you’ll see a rise in feminity & creativity,meshed with masculinity. You got to get with me, this is your true her-story….DO YOU WANN GO HIGHER???

  4. Post

    Zero, so true, so true.

    Alisha, I do find it interesting though that when I read the horoscope from a particular source (which I won’t reveal) it always gives me exactly what’s going on in my life and how I should approach things. Interesting.

    Nezua, maybe one day we’ll both answer them right?

    Ensayn, I definitely read the same source KRS did, so this is nothing new. What I do know is that Aquarius will bring about that peace we’re asking for. If this is the dawning, then I want to help pull that curtain. The question is, now, how?

  5. Even when you do nothing, you’re still supporting something…some things may be inevitable but movement is the nature of life…change is the nature of life…it’s your choice to have life move past you or move through you.

  6. I agree!

    I don’t believe that we should reject old knowledge simply because it hasn’t popped up after the Industrial Revolution! Having said that, I am in awe of Astrology and Numerology and Tarot and I Ching and many other sources of wisdom that folks have trusted over the years.

    Of course, there’s some bullshit out there. A lot of it. But it doesn’t mean that there is no wisdom to be found in such pursuits.

    As for changing the world, go for it! You are changing the course of history as you breathe-whether you achieve fame or not.

  7. Hi! I read your question on Boring Black Chick’s post and I felt compelled to answer. I wrote this on her post, too, but just in case, you do not get the chance to look at it, here it is:


    If I may try to assist BoringBlackChick in answering your question (re: previous lifetimes)…

    For me, I was born with memories of my most previous life. They weren’t very clear at all. (in my most previous life, I was raped and strangled at age twelve) I remember my mother and grandmother talking about a girl who had died in a fire and I remember being so confused, thinking that somehow they were talking about me.

    Of course, they weren’t but my memories were so vague, I only had a sense of myself dying at a young age, so my brain kind of confused the events.

    Of course, I never told anyone this. Around the time of my previous death–in this lifetime, I began having dreams. I always knew I had been raped and murdered. But I didn’t know any details.

    Clarity did not really come until I began meditating in my twenties. Meditation also opened me up to experiencing (Live!!!) some memories of a lifetime before that!

    I also would have flashes of other people in this lifetime and how I knew them in previous lifetimes.

    Life-altering stuff, I tell you!

    And fun! You should definitely try it if you have the inclination. First, pay attention to your thoughts. What eras and countries attract you? When do you feel you were alive? Then move forward with those ideas. Meditate–in your own way and open up your mind to those memories.

    If you’re curious, it’s definitely because you have some memories wanting to reveal themselves to you! It will take a while–months, years, maybe, but Enjoy!

  8. Hi Jose,

    Another very powerful post. God I love my blogging fam – you guys are a never ending source of inspiration!!

    Astrology can be an incredibly powerful tool. When studied properly, it is a highly complex and beautiful system which is not meant to “tell the future” or some such, moreso it can be a means of understanding 1. ourselves and 2. our place in this world and the path(s) we could *possibly* follow…

    Your words on the impact of our actions has provided a huge amount of food for thought. This is something I have been ruminating on for a while now – what does it mean to BE? Am I the centre of my universe or merely a tiny part of the myriad of universes which make up “reality”? Can doing nothing be an active act?

    I need to write about this! Soon enough…

    Thanks Jose

  9. Jose, good question. Sounds as if you are willing to bring about what is to be with intention. It may be the fact that you KNOW this wisdom/knowledge, walk within this wisdom/knolwedge, speak within this wisdom/knowledge and even teach your students within this wisdom/knowledge, that you may be pulling the cord to bring the Aquarian into action in your daily walk without intention. Still effecting the change.

  10. Post

    @ “GK” (come out, come out, wherever you are ;-) ): Yes I agree. I’d rather the latter.

    @ DMB: good explanation on those things. Frankly, I also see my dreams as manifestations of my wild-ass imaginations, but I’ll think on the past lives part too. And as for astrology and such, I can’t read the horoscopes. I do it every so often just to see if it’s any good, but then I forget everything that was said and keep it moving.

    @ Shelly: when you do write about it, let a brotha know, and maybe you’ll spark something back in me.

    @ Ensayn: yes, well we’ll see where this all takes me

    @ Miss Profe: a chart? Really? My best bet for you would be to go to and get yourself a personalized profile. It’s really intricate. Believe me.

  11. I do believe there is something to astrology because like you I fit pretty well into the molds/houses it assigns me, but I’m not sure I believe it has anything to do with the actual planetary or stellar motions. More likely it is based on some sort of psychic rhythm or souls-cycle of our civilization as a group. The stars, via their constancy in movement and position (within a given hemisphere), are a good ‘hook’ on which to hang the ideas and more importantly show their relationships.

    I think the real value of astrology is that it demonstrates the immense capacity of humans to communicate deep concepts about cosmology, epistemology, existential concerns and even just agriculture and survival, in complex symbolic forms. That’s a mouthful but hopefully you get what I mean; these are crazy sophisticated ideas that our ancient ancestors knew needed more than language (which is subject to death) to safely convey across the centuries and across cultures.

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