The Divisibility Theorem

Jose Vilson Jose

*** I thought maybe some of my readers wouldn’t know some of this number theory I’m presenting here with this poem. Basically, the fundamental theorem of arithmetic states that for any number greater than or equal to 2, one can rewrite that number as a product of a unique set of primes. While our lives aren’t exactly like this fundamental theorem, the following is based off this idea.***

“The Divisibility Theorem” by Jose Vilson 2007 ©

Life is divisible by a set of infinitesimal moments
Broken up definitely by a unique set of primes
Makes our lives similar in structure to everyone
But individualized from everyone else’s
Those moments between the first part of one’s scalp
Exiting our mothers’ wombs
To our departure from our Earthly vessel
From the first time you had your underwear put on for you
Until you become someone who can pull up your own breeches
From the time someone becomes responsible for us
To the time we become the standard-bearers in our society
And all points in between
The first kiss, and the subsequent ones from our one or maybe multiple lovers
Of our being
The first anniversary of our birth,
our commitment to one,
our greatest achievements
The accomplishments and praise thrown our way
The awards and graduations we use to measure our life’s successes
The little acknowledgments we receive from those who quietly cheer us on
The pain and hurt from the everyday struggle
The hurtful remarks and actions towards one another
The disasters and catastrophes affecting our personal lives
Within a world so satiated with enduring visions of living beings
Passing on past this world and consequently past us
And that one moment when you realize that your life is divisible into those moments
And the resulting ones when you build on your newfound theory …