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Vacation time’s coming to a close, but I’m still hanging onto the idea that I’m on vacation. For better or worse, though, ’till something does us part, I’ll always be an educator. And this vacation time has done nothing but solidify my teacher mentality.

I knew I was a certified teacher when …

– I saw kids on the train fighting / not holding the bars / making too much noise / chewing their gum like they’re horses / annoying me and wanted to give them detention for it (haha, jokes)

– I explain things to people like I’m teaching them, even teachers.

– I can make a quick-n-dirty lesson plan out of the simple things like using a camera or drinking bubble tea.

– I explain to a prospective teacher the pros and cons of teaching using a Venn diagram in my mind.

– I can attach some songs on my playlist to a memory I have in my classroom.

– I walk around and look at a poster thinking, “I can really use that for my classroom.”

– I still read teacher blogs … on vacation!

– I wake up on the first few days of vacation ready to jump out of bed with a suit and tie when I realize I can sleep just a little longer.

– I identified myself by my profession than any race or ethnicity markers (whoa)

– I still enjoy the surprised looks when I tell people what I work for.

– I can’t go a Tuesday without blogging about education …

When did you know you were a teacher if you are one? Even those that aren’t, do you have any experiences like that?

jose, who doesn’t think his latest graphic novel purchases V for Vendetta and The Watchmen are appropriate for my students …

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  1. My sister does the same thing- she is also a teacher, and when she had my little one last week, she put together this entire schedule of things they’d do together. IN AN EXCEL SPREADSHEET! HAHAHA!

    As for me, well, lets just say that when family and/or friends send me something they’ve written, they always preface it with a disclaimer, I suppose to avoid my “red pen” as if I’m the final authority on the written word.

    I mean, I know I go around calling myself THE MASTER OF FINE ARTS but I didn’t think they would take me seriously! lol

    The Jaded NYers last blog post..Sense Of Entitlement

  2. I know I am a teacher because

    ~ I dared speaking up when I saw students outside the schoolyard making noise and trash. I am a teacher 24/7 and not just during school hours.

    ~ When a student walked up to me this morning, totally stressed out, because I am not teaching her anymore and now she’s afraid she won’t pass her exams. I told her that she didn’t pass my class because of me but because of her, and told her to be confident.

    ~ I have my administration organized and I started the year with my syllabi and handouts all printed and ready and looking nice.

    ~ I have higher expectations of my students than last year, and I feel like challenging them to grow in their thinking.

    ~ Yes, and also because I was standing in front of the classroom this morning and the first culprits were already testing me. That’s what being a teacher is all about, too.

    Aah, I could go on. I love the feeling.

    Frumteachers last blog post..First day

  3. We need more teachers like you, Jose, and that’s for real.

    I am a momma so I am my boys first teacher but as a profession it takes a champion and you sir are that.

    Light and Love all the day long…..


  4. I definitely relate to the things you listed. What else?

    -I get excited when Staples has back to school sales, and they even have free stuff! This week I got 25 FREE rulers and 25 FREE packs of pencils!! Go check it out! Things like that make me happy.

    -I already have all my copies for the first week ready to go.

    -As soon as last year ended, I was already making a list of goals and things I wanted to do/change for the next year!

    -I’m always looking around and thinking how I can use this or that in my classroom, or how I can incorporate something into a lesson.

    We have a great job! I love it. I love this time of year..I love the start of a new school year. :-)

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  6. I knew I was a teacher when I heard my father tell the kids in my class to “cut-it-out!”
    And, the wathcmen is a supremely awesome visual and literary experience. I read it for the second time this summer because my kids has discovered superheroes and got me hooked. Now I wear a superman hat and tell my son how Batman is just a man who is really smart and invents lots of gadgets.

    J.M. Hollands last blog post..Picking a Pre-K Curriculum

  7. When I cried (couldn’t help myself. really) at the first class of mine that graduated.

    Each time I see or hear a book/film/song/painting that inspires me I try to see how I can bring it to kids.

    When I was at an event at the beginning of this summer I kept wanting to tell the kids I saw to take off their caps. (really)

    There are some. Now I’m exhausted and am tripping off to bed…to dream of lessons to come ;)
    Night night Jose

    Tracy Rosens last blog post..What it takes.

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