The Key Master

Jose Vilson Jose

This will be that year
The year of the grandiose theme song
Providing the vibrations of an aura well suited for triumph
It is here that the masters appear
When kings die in a battle of decades coming to a tragic end
When they were almost ready to hand over the throne
And warriors patrol other commonwealths
In search of greener pastures and one day ruling the world
With such shifts amidst and abounding
This humble knight asks who would want to rule this principality?
Constant preparations and mental exercises for another academic year
I studied the scribes of the grandest wizards
Traversed through lands and oceans
Bathed in the the stuff of legend
Immersed in the works of the greatest lecturers and pontificators
Years ago, when trained in this craft, and I assumed the position of sir
I dreamt of the day that I would rule the world
With ruler in one hand and pen in the other
Armed with the word and the math alike
That I’d get a chance to educate to the next generation of
Artisans, warriors, carpenters, scientists, and evangelists
Of the clandestine and good works of the people who proceeded them
Upon my knighting, I had nothing strewn before me
Nary a sword nor a shield
Or a horn I can wield
Just a band of keys
And nothing more
Just expertise and a will that drove the many before me
And the many after me
This will be the reckoning
The year the dragons test thine iron and mettle
The year where the alloy either withstands or disintegrates
The year of the triumphant
The year in which I attempt to once again rule the world …

jose, who wishes everyone an awesome year …