The Rookie Sensation

Jose Vilson Education

I was riding the train with a rookie teacher who, despite her numerous issues with authorities and her own personal business, has done very well, and seems to be growing into a good teacher. After a conversation about the state of our school, I asked her why she stayed in this profession then and what she actually likes about this profession, and she says with the twinkly little eyes of a newbie,

“It’s because of the children. It’s because of their vast potential and knowing that they deserve better. We go on a trip and it’s not well planned. We wouldn’t want that for ourselves, so why do the kids have that? The kids don’t deserve that. I want to see them have a good future …”

And I interrupted with a semi-sarcastic “AWWWW,” my usual way of deflecting seriousness of certain matters. Honestly, it reminded me of why I teach, and why I got into the profession in the first place. In spite of all the bull I have to constantly sift through, all the blame, none of the props, and the everlasting job-related fatigue, I still teach.

That’s the thing that very few people get. It’s that mix of idealism with a dash of realism. It keeps this teacher, and teachers like the one I just spoke of, keepin’ on with the keepin’ on …

jose, who’s going to have a gooooood weekend

p.s. – I didn’t know the kids have to be BRIBED into scoring better on their English / Language Arts and Math State Tests. Maybe we should just give them hints on all of their tests. Then again, maybe not.