They Don’t Care About Our Votes, Either

Jose Vilson Jose

Vote for whoever you like, I like, anyone like. So long as who you like represents what you like politically (for the most part). Don’t just vote for the person you like, but the person who represents what you believe your local, state, and federal government should represent. We the people must push our representatives to represent us, or else we have what we continue to have now. Don’t just vote to say you voted. (I said it). Yes, ancestors who were my brethren and intellectual antecedents fought hard for the right to vote in this country to begin with, but the downside of that is that we’re voting in the same people who incarcerate the very people who need to vote in droves, deporting our brethren, killing our brethren, dispossessing our brethren, and dehumanizing our brethren. It’s not men vs. women, race against race. It’s that, as much as I love this country and the people I’ve met, I also can’t stand by and let people like me and you come under constant interrogation for the things we believe about the ideologies of this country and the human potential here.

Others take a different view. In other words, they don’t care about us.

Jose, who understands risk well …