Thoughts on a Friend’s Wedding

Jose Vilson Jose

A brown-skinned beauty weaves her hands with a tall gentleman
The growth
The love
The weathering of many storms
All culminating in a moment
Where the bands between them hold stronger
than the ones around their left ring finger
Family witnesses lay eyes on the fantastic
The inspiring
The quick
The consummation
Pride swells the room
Emotions sweep the groom
While the bride’s family looms
Safe to assume
They’re saying “You’ve been a woman
but you’ll be a mother soon …”
For now the couple swoons
While the sun gives way to the moon
I become in tune with the spirit guide
Questions flung in my direction about my own readiness
A leap of faith where those that have made it
Tease about its darkness
Where close to this man-made tunnel, I too want to witness the light …