Top 10 Reasons Graduation Rocks

Jose Vilson Jose

Kanye West's Graduation

Kanye West's Graduation

I always look at the cover with a bit of lament, but with a swell of pride. Not because I consider myself that bear popping out of that monster’s mouth finally exiting an institution after proving yourself worthy of a degree in whatever you master. It’s more that the Syracuse University experience I had was just the trampoline upon which I’d be launched into the real world. Let me explain.

My experience at SU had its ups and downs, as most people can attest to in their own right (unless they were up all the time, but I’ll leave that up to the greenery). This past weekend, one of my friends on Facebook reminded me that it’s now been a certain amount of years since I’ve graduated from SU, and all the following comments went something like, “Wow, I’m getting old.” I said, “Are you serious? That’s great!” Of course, no one understands the social anarchist, so I’m resigned to pointing out some of the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why graduating from college is much better than actually being there:

1. I don’t have to wonder whether the food I’m having will be hot or cold because I made it myself.

2. When I think of buying something, I don’t have to wait until my parents’ money or financial aid kicks in.

3. I don’t have to put a tie or a sock outside the door for any particular reason.

4. When I was dating outside of SU, I didn’t have to worry about seeing all the woman’s past “histories” lined up against the wall at some house party I went to.

5. When I say hi to people I know, I usually get to have an extended conversation with them, and not necessarily see them 5 to 6 times on that day as we pass by the Quad.

6. Look Mom, I got my own .com.

7. Hmm, let me see, work study money or a salary with benefits? I think I’ll take the latter.

8. Drinks are tastier when you don’t have to worry whether you’re getting a ride from South to North Campus before the bus stops.

9. I have a BS, not just writing it on my next term paper.

10. The bills suck, you’re not as limber or healthy as you used to be, much less recklessness, and the forgiveness for your sins wears thin, but that’s all replaced with a venerable wisdom that exalts you from the unwise decisions you once made.

Also, you’re at least a good 14,000 more dollars away from actually paying off those loands. Really couldn’t say that in college, could you?

Jose, who really likes “real life” much better …