Visa Para Un Sueno (Visa For A Dream)

Jose Vilson Jose

Buscando visa para un sueño
Buscando visa para un sue

My dreams have gotten more macabre lately. Even while my life’s been going great, and it’s gotten better, my dreams have gotten even more insane. Losing more family members, jumping off buildings, and screaming at the top of my lungs for reasons unknown to me are some of the scary images I’ve encountered. I’m assuming it’s a mixture of a range of feelings from mistrust and paranoia to nervousness and preoccupation of the future. It’s cool; it comes with having new and different experiences. I’ve gotten more projects than ever, and different opportunities that I didn’t think would arise. I’m also trying to set and complete goals really, working as hard as I ever have.

But this is all for some dream, I guess. Eventually, I’d like the 2-3 kids (because I couldn’t decide which 1/2 of the kid I’d want), the lady / mother in their lives, a successful career, and a very very very fine apartment / house. I’d also like to say that I’ve explored every avenue that my creativity will allow, from the blogs to the poetry. I want a book with my name published and my name alone. I’d like to do a couple more speaking engagements. I’d also like to see my first class of students graduate from college, and them tell me what it feels like. I’d like to pick up an instrument, and watch a few more of my top 10 music artists in concert. I want to touch every continent other than Antarctica.

I just need a visa to my dreams. I’m not sure where it’ll take me …

jose, whose dreams become more lucid in lightning and thunder …