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And Here Come The Giants

:: screams this in hi-def::

We are the champions, my friends!!!!
We kept on fighting till the end!!!!!
We are the champions!!!!
We are the champions!!!!
Nobody’s perfect!!!!
Because we are the champions of the NFL!!!!

Eli Fuckin’ Manning!

Just had to get that off my chest. Now, back to losing my voice …

This has made my otherwise insane weekend that much sweeter … or that much more insane. More on that tomorrow. Enjoy this post, yo …


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  1. Hey man. Im really feeling it.

    I was screaming at church (yes at church) during when those last two touchdowns/field goals were made.

    Ah. My boyfriend was so sorry he was rooting for the Patriots.
    It was great gloating.

    Okay. So I am finally re-reaching out to the blogging community again.

    This time I bank on staying.


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