What I Would Say To A Group of Promising Educators of Color

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I had the privilege last Friday of attending Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers breakfast in Tarrytown, NY with 5-600 people, many of which were part of this illustrious program. Dr. Bettye Perkins founded this organization to encourage more teachers of color to enter the profession through an 8-year scholarship. They get mentorship through high school and half to full paid tuition, and all they have to do is get their certification to become teachers. This is an organization I wish existed when I first came into my own, but I’m excited that people like me will have this opportunity from here onward. Now in its 16th year of existence, I was invited to share a few remarks about their present and future selves in the context of the book I’ve been advertising, but I thought I’d inject a little of my person as well.

Without further adieu, here’s what I said:

“It’s Not About a Salary” (The Speech)

Jose, who usually doesn’t speak this often …