Who Do You Love? Are You Sure?

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Yes, I too am angry as hell about Prop 8.

And I read some disgusting things online.

For instance, the rationale for why some people disagree with gay sex is the following:

OK, so if we let gay people have sex, will we next let people have sex with animals? Under the same argument, if the animal’s consenting, then we can have marriage between them right?


The reason I start with this story is that this is the kind of twisted logic that sets a precedent for my kids to call people gay, or for someone who’s dissatisfied by something that’s going on to call it “gay.” I have a hard time with anyone denying other people their right to love or consecrate their love for each other through a civil union, especially when those type of unions don’t affect you.

Similar to the abortion argument, if you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get married to someone of your same sex. It’s that simple.

I’m not saying there isn’t a religious side to all of this, as I’m a baptized Catholic. However, I also understand that some of the rules that were made some millennia ago need not apply to the current day and time. I also know the countless fraud marriages that only exist for a certain purpose (comfort, immigration, tax deductibles, etc.). I know the love between any two consenting adults, irrespective of sex / gender, should be respected, in a time when love is truly getting harder to find.

And homophobia is becoming like racism, where very few people want to be known as a homophobe, but they’ll act on their phobia if given a chance. They’ll keep questioning whether someone is gay or not until that person’s says no, and even then they’ll have “the tag” on them. They’ll use terms like “no homo” or “that’s so gay.” And don’t even consider saying your favorite artists include Elton John or KD Lang, or that you listen to dance music enough. And apparently, the existence of your manhood depends on whether you’re gay or not, even when some of our favorite men (and women for that matter) may in fact have or have had a relationship with someone of their own sex or gender.

:: sigh::

And those of us who are straight (and it seems especially true for those of us in the Black / Latino communities) who do support the LGBT community often become “othered” as well. Disgusting.

My only regret was that I couldn’t go to the Prop 8 protest in City Hall. But then I’d be so pissed off, I probably wouldn’t even be able to write this post without yelling a few expletives at the Governator.

Jose, who’s excited to see Milk the movie soon …

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  1. I must say, I’m actually SHOCKED at the number of people that are disgusted that Prop 8 passed. Mainly because you hear so many people stereotype gays and suggest that it is nasty. But I guess in the end, people are upset because:

    1) This law passing leaves open to what other laws can pass on how you live your every day life. It suggests that everyone should live a certain way & everyone in the world must agree on how you live your life – your choice doesn’t matter.

    2) CLEARLY people didn’t know what they were “voting for”. Not only was it written to deceive people, stating that homosexuality would be taught in schools, or on that level. But usually when you say vote for a certain thing it’s for the positive, people thought they were voting for a law to pass & gays could marry.

    Growing up in Nor Cali I was shocked to see it passed but after speaking with people they thought it meant something else, and now they are in the fight to reverse the ruling. San Fran is gay capital, of course they would agree to let gays marry & be happy. Who cares whom one wants to marry – its just sad!!

  2. It’s so true. It really is simple. Live your life as you will and stay the hell out of other people’s lives.

    I’m curious about the ways that you’ve found us het folks “othered” for supporting LGBT rights–outside of the assumption that we must be on the “down low” (that’s a gendered phrase, isn’t it? Only really referring to men? And culturally specific also, I assume), that is.

    And I agree with CaT. There was a lot of deception at work in getting Prop 8 passed. Sick shit.

  3. It’s sad how people cling to their prejudices, and I too have seen arguments a la O’Reilly suggesting gay marriage today, polygamy and trans-species matches tomorrow.

    Nothing but ignorance. And if churches can pump bucks into politics to impose their values on the rest of us, they ought not to have tax free status.

    NYC Educators last blog post..I Know We Said We Fixed It Last Time, and the Time Before That. But This Time We Really Mean It. Trust Us. Okay?

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  5. i always thought that explanation was stupid, the gay sex leads to animal sex and whatnot. even polygamy goes against God’s will [but that’s another post for another day]. one thing is not inclusive to the other but if you look at it through a religious eye, it’s all wrong.

    i don’t believe that everyone who voted in support of prop 8 are homophobes or scared of what might happen or teaching the kids whatever or anything like that, but i do believe that some people strongly believe in the word of God and what has been written and there are many verses in the Bible that define marriage as being between a man and a woman. it may not be that they have a problem with gay marriage per se, but it could have been that they have a problem with the term marriage being used, seeing how that would change the definition of something that’s been ordained by God. there are any examples of people who have defied God and the consequences and really, that’s one fire i’m certainly not playing with.

    its just one way of looking at it. i do think that what has been written about so many years ago still apply today. there are still many circumstances that are happening today that have been documented already in the bible. i do believe that it’s just the world that has strayed from the course we were initially set upon, not necessarily that we’ve outgrown the commandments or that they’re outdated. we’ve evolved, just not necessarily in always in the right direction.

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