On Taking Professional Development Into Your Own Hands [CTQ]

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Mary Beth Hertz Clutching Gadgets

Mary Beth Hertz Clutching Gadgets

Of course this comes from a real situation. Why else would I write it? Only on the Center for Teaching Quality:

Yet, there’s a new type of professional development that’s arisen from connected educators. I’m calling it a third-rail professional development, a hybrid of tech savvy and a healthy dose of networking can make for professional development that neither stagnates nor overbears. The thing with PD right now is that, no matter how creative central offices try to be, teachers still come out of them feeling like they learned nothing of substance when they hoped for at least a nugget of information. Principals want something tangible to come from these meetings, often choosing only a select group of people to attend these things and expecting a boost of some nature from kids.

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