Would You Take My Picture?

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I tried my best to impress Sue of SpeechTeach, since I asked to be tagged to this meme. As far as who’s tagged after this, I pick you, and you, and you, and you … Scroll over the image to know what the image means.

1. Age at next birthday…


2. Place I would like to travel to…


3. My favorite place…

Union Square

4. Favorite objects…

Apple iPod Nano BlackMoleskineUnforgivable Men

5. Favorite foods…

Pad ThaiRice BeansCalifornia Roll Sushi

6. Favorite color…

Metallica Black Album

7. Nickname…


8. Place where you were born…

New York City

jose, who didn’t to compete for a shot at love with tila tequila …

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  1. What a creative meme! I love the pictures. When is your birthday? ;-)
    Until I scrolled over the pictures, I thought your favorite food was cholent. I couldn’t imagine :-) (it turned out to be rice beans…)

    I’m with you on the moleskines! I like the weekly planner

  2. You’re much younger than I thought!

    Ditto Brazil as a must-do place to travel to; I would love to explore the Amazon jungle and see all of it’s mystery and beauty up close (before it’s all gone).

    What does “comesellama” mean? Something to do with asking about your name…? (It’s been about a thousand years since I did my Spanish GCSE).

  3. I hope you get to come to Brazil soon. I like it a heck of a lot better than I liked living in the Unites States. It ain’t perfect, of course, but this is the first time that I’ve lived in a state that had a majority Black culture, where Black people generally seem to love being Black in this place, celebrate their culture, and celebrate themselves.

    I have never, ever been in a larger crowd of Black people than I have in Brazil, at Carnaval, at New Year celebrations and at the many parties and holiday celebrations that Brazil has in great abundance.

    Speaking of fathers (you spoke of yours above, in another post) I often think of my father here, when I’m eating collard greens, pork chops, Black-eyed peas, okra, corn bread . . . The food in Bahia, Brazil is very much like the southern cooking that my South Carolina-born father liked to cook so much.

    Don’t wait too long to visit Brazil. Although it costs a lot to get here (about $700.00 USD), once you’re here things are a lot less expensive than in the United States, even with the dollar on a slow and steady nose-dive.

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