Yes, I’m Still Gonna Blog

Jose Vilson Jose

I just finished a PowerPoint for a presentation I need to do tomorrow for that big project that everyone / no one knows about. Even on vacay, I can’t go on vacay. It’s just not possible. However, I’ve been listening to some excellent music, drinking some quality beer, and learning and interacting with more people every single day.

With that said, I can’t quit this blogging shit. I’m approaching 250, and I usually write quality posts every day, not just random bulletins, so I found it imperative to just keep it light and simple. Besides, what good is my Google Reader if I can’t share everything I read? Check it out:

Tracy Rosen knows what good teaching is all about. Damian and I, though, have different ideas (it’s funny, honest).

My brother from another mother, Carl Cowan, shows us how Feist counts to 4 with the help of Sesame Street.

Andy Park still amazes me with his photo skills. If you need hot photos like that, feel free to holla at him.

Gotham Schools seems to be a good new resource for teachers to read. Nice and simple. And they like me apparently. Thanks, JD.

A Carnival of Education hosted by my people at A Voice in the Wilderness!

Me on the cover of Essence Magazine? Over Obama? I think I know why I wouldn’t make it on there, but Zack seems to think I deserve it. More power to my man, Zack.

Christina, I’ma tell you what another writer told me: find your voice.

Necole, Necole, anyone who ever says you’re not fair and balanced needs to check this post. (for the fellas … and some of my ladies, too.)

I added a few new cats to my sidebar, mainly Xicano Power, New Millenium Negro, Mike Parent, The Bowery Boys, and The Black Lounge. When you visit them, tell them I said hi. No really. It’s how I roll.

Alright, I’m going to leave you with this:

How is McCain accusing Obama of playing the RACE CARD?! BWWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Mr. McCain to you I say, good night and good luck!

jose, who is excited to mentor at least one more Teaching Fellow this coming year (congrats to those who got in)