You Think I’ma Sing My Way In?

Jose Vilson Jose


2Pac probably says everything that needs to be said in this video better than most intellectuals who engage in anacoluthia for the sake of just going above their readers’ heads rather than touching their hearts. Maybe a useful tactic for burgeoning anything is to only apologize when you mean it. Say sorry if you’re really sorry. Otherwise, mean what you’re saying, even if it’s contrary to mainstream opinion. As much as people complain about freedom of speech, it also gives us the right to disagree and protest, even when other forces push us against that ideal.

Spaces where we’re granted permission to voice discontent are sparse, but at some point, we have to stop asking permission. The minute I stopped asking permission is the minute I tasted freedom. I refuse to acquiesce.

You think I’ma sing my way in the door?