You’re Far Too Kind

Jose Vilson Jose


Here’s a special thank you to everyone who’ve congratulated me, helped me out, or contributed to any of my works in and out of the web. It’s a lot of people to thank, but really, you’re far too kind. I consider myself rather fortunate, as the blessings have rained down like manna as of late. The Future of Teaching book’s coming out sooner than later, I’ve finally gotten my driver’s license (and not for need, either), my heart health’s far improved, I’m motivated to kick butt this upcoming school year, and my decision-making has been much sharper. I sent out all this positive energy into the universe and, with a little delay, the universe has returned the favor. And I’m completely suspicious of the success, too, but it keeps my head right where it belongs: in the trenches, working, thinking, collaborating. Nevermind the connection I made with this great writer or this expert educator there. Disbanding all of those in favor of real connections with people has made my life much easier.

The people who matter most know how and where to reach me. Without the “us,” no one could walk on water …

Jose, who’s positively anxious about the coming school year.